Runner respeck thread

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The real fastest character alive. Not saying anything wrong with flash or tryna dis him but runner the fastest elder alive really lol. He is and old character that even in his short time out was a beast and here the vine shall now know his true power!!!

Lets start with Runner vs surfer

Here he comes to tell surfer he's gonna kill him while running and keeping  up with ease

Easily steals his board, and dodges his blast and just playing around with him

Surfer gets his board back and is pissed off

Runner shows he can take his blast the whole time and decides just to go hand to hand with silver surfer and test his strength. Surfer is brought to his knees and defeated

Now the show of speed. Runner vs Thanos the mad Titan. This is not for the eyes of those who wanna see a G get his a$$ kicked lol. This is what i call real blizting

Thanos gets blitzed his chair destroyed

Runner thinks its the gem giving him that amazing extra speed but it really isn't

runner says that he was always fast but now he instant travels. Thanos has never witnessed such speed...

Some more blitzing to the mad titan lol

If you want the rest of the fight post to show I wasn't wasting time lol

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This is good zee crusher this guy is no joke.

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Post the rest of the fight.

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My fault I shall post it a little  later when I find the pics lol. I had them up while I waiting for people to post then put them away.

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Thanos tells runner of the infinity gems, thus stopping runner from blitzing...

Thanos tells runner that it was a mistake that he stopped to listen to his story

Thanos tells runner that the gem didnt make him fatser. It sometimes allowed him to instantaniously teleport. mentally.
That means Runner was always as fast as he apeared in this fight. He only taped into the gems power sometimes when he would teleport. He didnt teleport in this fight at all.
Thanos turns runner into an old man via the time gem he has.

To show real respect you gotta show the whole fight some times. So what if he got tricked eh would have won if he didn't listen.

Here runner is turned to a child via time gem again...

Here thanos turns runner back to normal via time gem.
He realized what collectors plans were with baby runner. runner is pissed, and beats the hell out of the collector.

More to come
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This is a great thread Zee people should do this more often, create threads about powerful lesser known character whom they like so people can learn more about them before they come up with an opinion.

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