Trade or Digest?

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I am planning on getting the first volume of this series, and i have found them, but they are in either trade paperback or Digest form. The Digest form is alot cheaper, but i am wondering, what is the big diffrence and which one is better to read?

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the digests are good i have all but the last 2 volumes as that rather than trade

#3 Posted by Eggimann (55 posts) - - Show Bio
Ok, but what is the size diffrence?
#4 Posted by CiaranStatham (38 posts) - - Show Bio

The size difference is pretty massive. Marvel's digests are as small as manga - So if you have a collection of those, they'd fit alongside them nicely, but if you have more trades, then they'll fit better with those. I would go with the trades, myself - The reproduction of the art in the digests is much too small and the paper quality is quite poor.
#5 Posted by Eggimann (55 posts) - - Show Bio
Ok, i think i will get the trades then. Thanks.
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I got them in digests because thats all they had at the store when i first started buying them. But im gonna be the entire series in hardcover because i love the Runaways

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