The Runaways. What I would include in a new.

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First off from my understanding of the scans from Avenegrs Academy and Daken, the last few issues of The Runaway was retconned, and Old Lace is actually okay. So I will start off with the roster.



Chase with Old Lace



Klara Plast.

Nothing really new there so lets move on.

Story arcs/ Themes to include.

1) Child trafficking- I could see this being a major story arc for The Runaways. A cosntant theme of The Runaways was saving and helping children from problems stemming from Adults, be it parents or parental figures or not. Child Trafficking is a huge problem in the coutry, it is a global black market " industry" with various gangs and criminal syndicates( maybe you can use The Hand, The Kingpin, some other crime team) involved in it. The Runaways ending up getting caught up witha ring and working to brining it down would be an excellent story in my book, especially if handled seriously and writen well, it might even bring more attention to this major problem in society.

2) Teenage drug use and Gang violence- This is another major problem in society, teenage gangs, or teenagers being pressured in to gangs by older family member and people in the community. Teenage drug use is also pretty high. If mutants start to grow up in population again, then you can even include the various " mutant power" giving/enhancing drugs in to the mix for some real super powered challenges.

3) Runaways Mission in Space and the return of Xavin- Okay I really havent thought this one fully through, but I want it to happen. D:. If Xavin is still posing as Karolina maybe she sends a message to earth needing the runaways assitance. Idk.

4) Crossover with Luke Cage- I know a recurring theme with Luke cage is his child getting kidnapped or he thought she was kidnapped, but I think it would be intresting if this scenario brought " The Runaways" and Luke Cage together. But what if The Runaways after saving her feel that with all these threats that maybe, she is not truely safe with Cage. Eventually coming to the senses that they don't have the logistics and it can be just as dangerous, but not after a fight with him of course.

5) Bring Gert back some how!- I don't know this one either, but she brought something to the team and I really wish she hadn't died. Even though I understand her sacrifice. v.v

And thosse are just some of the things I would like to see.

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I would love to see Runaways get their own title again. And they need to bring Gert back! Didn't Chase see her walking down the street right before he got hit by that car? What was that about? Did they ever explain that?

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I think the whole Chase seeing gert was retconned, I can't confirm it though. :/

What do you think of my ideas?

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@ShadowX: Oh, you idea's sound great! Really like the child trafficking idea in particularly, I always thought of the Runaways as a group of kids who try to lay low and avoid confrontation to a certain degree because they want to avoid being caught, but I don't think it would take much for them to get involved in trying to rescue kids from this situation and to catch the people who are doing it. And personally, I would get a lot of satisfaction from watching Molly clobber the hell out of a child trafficer. And if The Punisher can be in space, then why can't the Runaways? I would love to see Old Lace with a space helmet on! >.<

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@Katie24: Thank you. ^w^ ha, I haven't even thought of the awesomeness that would be Old Lace with a space helmet.

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I just read the Runaways a few days ago and it was fantastic... at least up through volume 2. I could barely bring myself to slog through the horrendous art of volume 3. It was just... it was so bad. But I would love to see them return in a new series, if done well. I'd eat that up in a second.

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I have my own ideas as to what future stories of there's could be and it comes back to one thing: The Pride.

For 25 years they were kidnapping and killing teens in order to feed their gods in order to destroy the earth and they control off all of L.A and your telling me they don't have any backup plans if they ever die ? Thats B.S, so my story is mage friends of Nico's parents are trying to resurrect the Runaways parents and the Giborim, so they send their son and his zombie head companion in order to infiltrate the team but is actually working against his parents.

After that they go around the world, RUNNING AWAY from cops and other law enforcement in order to stop other Pride members to cause destruction and resurrection (witch is why Gert is back, that was the first attempt).

Also running back into Xavin in space and Klara being connected to some magical hoodoo from the past.

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That makes sense for a contingency plan to have devolped over the years, and although I think it would great to see that pan out, I also don't think making it exculisvely focused on running away from The Pride and other forces connected to them, could see it eaisly getting tired if it is " pride this" " pride that", they should have otehr villans/enemies/rivals with in their rouge gallery.

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@MatKrenz: if thier doing ressurection they've got to bring alex back he can be the one the mage sends after the gang but he gets free and tries to help and they distrust him and lock him up or he goes after them and brings gert back to screw with them.either way i see him taking control of la like the pride and causing all kinds of hell with the police on his side

another young avengers crossover could be nice too

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i like your ideas plus if you want i have an idea on how to get xalvin get into the story plus a new member

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For a new member, I just see it as a no-brainer.


He's a clone of Apocalypse who is told that he's destined to become Apocalypse, but he's that perfect combination of shy and awkward and well-meaning. He doesn't so much want to be a hero as really just escape his past. Have him run away from the Jean Grey school and he'd be the perfect new member.

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How about a fight against 20 obscure villains that lasts for 8 issues? I`d like that.

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