The Runaways Movie to Start Shooting in March

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 Few dinosaurs outside of Barney have gotten this many hugs. 

THE RUNAWAYS will start shooting in LA in March, according to Production Weekly’s Twitter feed. It’s fitting that such significant news regarding this movie would get revealed in such a discreet way - - something you’d easily miss. That’s really been the over-arching theme of the movie’s production (as well as the comic itself,) hasn’t it? Little people getting big things done while all the attention's on the famous guys. As everybody’s been focused on Marvel’s other movies (and you know just which ones I’m referring to) this flick’s been steadily progressing. First, Peter Sollet (NICK & NORA’S INFINITE PLAYLIST) was announced as the director, then Neil Pearce (NO HEROICS) got hired to do the script before there was a quietly-announced open casting call for the team’s leads.

Two interesting points can be gleaned from the tweets. First, some time between July and August, the starting date got pushed back from January to March 2011. No big deal. The second point is that they’re saying this is also known as SMALL FACES. What could that mean? Will that be the subtitle? Are they changing the name so as to avoid confusion with that Joan Jett biopic from earlier this year? Maybe, probably not. I suspect this is a bit of “insider ball” as “Small Faces” is probably the code name they’re working with to avoid nosey people - - just like how RETURN OF THE JEDI was called BLUE HARVEST during production. Then again, letting it get posted in such a public forum kind-of defeats the purpose, no? 

Anyway… there are meatier questions to be asked.   == TEASER ==

Do you figure this movie’s going to exist in the same movie world that Marvel’s been creating? Will it be done in the same tone as IRON MAN and INCREDIBLE HULK, or will it skew younger? Perhaps to the (oh no!) 90210 crowd?

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Maybe keep it open ended for a POSSIBILITY that it can share the Universe of the other Marvel films. 
Wait, no casting rumors?

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cant wait for this movie...hope they dont ruin it

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You got to love Marvel's ideas.
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This movie has me excited I really hope it's done well

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I love it!

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I can't wait and can't wait to see who is going to play everyone. Especially interested to see who will play Lucy in the Sky and Princess Powerful. 

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I think they're going to get unknown actors for the parts.
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@Augustus Freeman VI said:
" This movie has me excited I really hope it's done well "
@Jordanstine said:
" Maybe keep it open ended for a POSSIBILITY that it can share the Universe of the other Marvel films.  
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Same continuity, with phyliss diller playing the part of the dinosaur...

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I have no clue what this is about.

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This movie will be better if is not based on the same universe as the other movies. It will give it a chance to grow on its own.

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@dondasch: It's about teens who find out their parents are all supervillains and they go on the run.  They also have powers as well and that is the end of my knowledge of Runaways.  I would love them keep it in the same universe but I'm not sure how they would fit it in since we never heard anything them in any of the other Marvel movies that have come out so far.
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Oh crap, there no telling what's gonna happen here. I wonder who'll play who!

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The fight with Ultron must be appear xD

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SMALLFACES is a band that made a song called RUNAWAY! 
See what they did there

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I should be able to catch up with the last issues by the time this comes out... 

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@dondasch said:
"I have no clue what this is about. "

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cant wait for this movie they should keep the name runaways
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Sweet :D

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Better not go all 90210, I love the comic series and the characters.
Wonder if Whedon will help out on it lol

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So excited for this!  I hope they cast some really good unknown actors.  I can't wait to see what Old Lace will look like.

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I would like to start a motion towards whoever is taking part in the making of this movie. pleeeeease don’t use big name actors for the kids. at least not all of them. you need a strong ensemble cast to pull this adaption off and i feel that completely unknown kids (granted, ones who are actually actors) would do the greatest justice to the characters and make them far more accessible to the target audience. plus it would save money and they could afford to put some big names as the members of The Pride to draw in their fan bases as well. All those in favor?
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Movies probably gonna suck, But I will def be watching it!!!
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Happy Happy Joy Joy.
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When I checked the casting, I was insanely disapointed Victor Mancha wasn't mentioned. I guess I should have expected. I still have to see this though.
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I'm excited for this movie, I hope they do it justice.  I don't see how the Runaways would appeal to a 90210 crowd, these are a different kind of kid.   
I can't wait to see this.

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Can not wait for the project to be finished and when it does I'm gonna see it on it's opening day...
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High hopes for this one.
I'm hoping it'll be the same universe as the upcoming batch of Marvel Studios stuff. I'd love to see hints of the Avengers here and there.
Also, I'd really like to see The Swarm (Nazi made of bees-- how can you not love that camp factor?) and Cloak and Dagger on screen in this or perhaps potential sequels, since they're not likely to show up elsewhere. Their appearances were nice touches in the original two volumes of Runaways.

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I was really hoping for Iron Fist or Strange first, but I'm hoping this turns out good.

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Awsome can't wait

#31 Posted by Mbecks14 (2029 posts) - - Show Bio

i HOPE HOPE HOPE they do a good job with it!!!! :) 

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I bet they will have Chris Evans in it at the end as Cap... but my main question is, do we get to see Cloak & Dagger? they sorta are the main marvel runaways and had a huge part in the first story arc... will they make Molly a mutant?

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Well they better not ruin Chase is all im going to say on the matter.

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So from all the BKV movies Runaways is first out of the gates.  I want me some Ex Machina!

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Damn! There will be a movie? I´m way behind my time!

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wow I am actually excited by this, Thor and Avengers all had me interested, but they're not titles I actually read, unless forced to (thanks a lot world war hulk). I knew I'd see the other movies and enjoy them as long as they didn't go horribly wrong. But reading this, wow, I feel like things are finally going to start going my way. I think I actually feel... Happy.

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I hope the movie is good but I hate that they are changing the movie title to "Small Faces"... Really? I think it is to avoid confusion with the Runaways movie that was released about the band and bombed at the box office. I hope they do change the title back to "Runaways" as it should be because that is the point. People won't get confused. I also hope they go for a more sort of Goonies 80's adventure vibe, which is how I envisioned the movie being based on the first arc. I don't know who is directing it though but thats the sort of vibe I would go for, especially with the subject matter and how it could work with it. I would also want them fairly young, age appropriate actors so they don't go too old like 25 year old playing a 15 year old.

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We'll see how this goes...

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They better not change the name to small faces thats horrible, just use marvel's runaways instead of just runaways, glad to hear they are having open castings though, I guess it's kinda a given with so many characters to cover and limited budget but even so it could go horribly wrong so easy with big name actors 

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Chloe Morentz as Molly. That is all.

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