The RUNAWAYS Movie Gets A Screenwriter

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I'd like to think the Runaways are reading a Variety article about themselves.
You might remember from a while back that NICK & NORA’S INFINITE PLAYLIST director, Pete Sollett, is attached to direct a big screen adaptation of RUNAWAYS.  Now, that project’s got a writer, according to Deadline, and his name's Neil Pearce. Who's he? A screenwriter who’s actually already got a history of handling the lighter, funnier side of superheroics. Why’s that? He’s the creator of the British show, NO HEROICS

RUNAWAYS has been on hiatus since last November, so here's a refresher on the book, if you need one. It's about an unofficial team of super-powered teens whose parents all happen to be members of the super-villainous group, the Pride. Being the rebellious youths that they are, the Runaways decide to defy their parents and (of course) run away to fight for good, instead of evil. The book was created Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona in '02 as part of Marvel's Tsunami line and, since their departure from the title, it's been worked on by the likes of Joss Whedon, Humberto Ramos and Terry Moore, among others.

A little more about NO HEROICS. It's about a handful of off-duty superhero drinking buddies and its title comes from the fact the pub they frequent has a strict rule… “No Heroics.” I hadn’t heard of the show before this, but the clips I’ve found online are actually pretty funny. Seems like it was mini-series that ran only six episodes in fall 2008. So, sort of like THE OFFICE, only less than half as long. Furthering the similarities to THE OFFICE, the series was actually remade for Americans by ABC, but the network declined to pick the show up after the pilot.  == TEASER == 

 The NO HEROICS friends.

It stills seems kind of crazy to me that RUNAWAYS, out of all of Marvel’s titles, is getting fast-tracked like this. I wonder if it’s going to factor into the larger movie universe that Marvel’s building with IRON MAN, HULK, AVENGERS, et al. I also wonder if Vaughan is going to be involved. He’s a working screenwriter, after all.

I wonder about all of that, but the one thing I’m pretty sure about is the Pearce is going to have to rein it in a little for this project. Everything I’ve seen of NO HEROICS online is funny stuff, but definitely adult-oriented, and, call me crazy, but I figure RUNAWAYS is aiming for a PG-13 here.

Actually, why should I just describe NO HEROICS when you can watch it for yourself? However, I’ll reiterate…



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Why is Runaways getting a movie? They have not been around for even 10 years. Let alone as long as Spiderman. This is all to sudden.

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looks like a funny show
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@Tom Pinchuk: watched the  no heroics series myself, timebomb is by far the funniest character wasnt recieved to well here either hence it was only a short run. intresting to see what they cna do with a completly differnet set up
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Oh. I thought Vaughan would still be writing. Well, this is marginally disappointing. But we'll see.

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:D  I am so going to find this show right now :DDDDDDDDD
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20 years of watching UK TV and I have never heard of this series?

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@mimschkin said: 

" 20 years of watching UK TV and I have never heard of this series? "

Yep, same here (although somewhat longer than 20 years).  I have never heard of this series outside of Comic Vine. 
@Tom Pinchuk: The trailer is a lot funnier than I thought it'd be, but for the Runaways I'd rather see something closer to E4's Misfits.       


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I've read Runaways volume 1, which was a really good book, so I can see why Marvel would want to turn this into a film.
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@xerox-kitty:  misfits good then? i heard mixed reviews and never got round to it
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@lazystudent: Far from perfect, some needless sex & drug abuse.  Otherwise, not a bad idea & I'm surprised at myself for looking forward to the next series.  I wrote a little about it in my blog :)  I'll even get the DVDs if they're cheap enough. 
But I think anyone who handled the Misfts would have a good idea how to handle the Runaways.  Sense of humour, and how to make kids look like unwitting powerful beings.
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@xerox-kitty:  will have a look into it, your semi recomendation is enough for me lol
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@lazystudent:  I agree with xerox-kitty, it wasn't great but it did have some funny moments. The plot was quite predictable as well. Season 2 is on the way.
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@mimschkin:  see the intresting thing is both say not gerat but both want to watch second season, is it just our britishness coming through and being overly nagative about it lol
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@lazystudent: Saw the entire run on misfits and thought it was good, but i'm am sort of biased when it comes to any show with superpowers, but alot of my friends who aren't into the whole superhero stuff thought that it was good. I'd recommend it, it's sort of like the first season of heroes with out all the storylines going on at once.
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i love the runaways and am so glad this is being made
@RedK: i'm so happy misfits is getting a second series

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@mimschkin: it was an ITV2 thing and when it came to ITV it was given an 11:30 show time, and who watched ITV past 11. 
The series it's self wasn't so good, for a 6 show run it ran way to quickly into the sex jokes. But there was one great character who could see like 3 mins into the future and was a recovering sex addict because all he did was think of every chat up line he could and found the one that worked.
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@RedK said:
" @lazystudent: Saw the entire run on misfits and thought it was good, but i'm am sort of biased when it comes to any show with superpowers, but alot of my friends who aren't into the whole superhero stuff thought that it was good. I'd recommend it, it's sort of like the first season of heroes with out all the storylines going on at once. "
Misfits has been labelled as a cross between Heroes & Skins.  So it's easy to see why it appeals to so many people in so many different ways.  The superpowered side of it isn't over-the-top.  There's a lot of character inter-action.  Likeable & hateful characters, but not one of them is a saint.  They're all flawed.  That's why I thought of Misfits when I saw this Article.
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@talltuck94:  yea, i know that they started filming it at the start of may so it will probably be back on are screens some time between september or november.
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i loved that book for the frist 2,3 vol.  but it kind of went down hill but i would ilove to see the movie
#21 Posted by Cherry Bomb (3295 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm so excited. :D I love the Runaways
& I'm happy that Marvel are finally pursuing this movie, it's a movie that everyone can relate too. I'm sure we've all thought our parents were evil.

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No Heroics reminds me of the Mystery Men movie, but turned into a British TV series.

#23 Posted by Gylan Thomas (2754 posts) - - Show Bio

What became of the US version of No Heroics?

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@ArtisticNeedham said:
" No Heroics reminds me of the Mystery Men movie, but turned into a British TV series. "
Yep, just what I was thinking. I really think Marvel is shooting for the "Graphic Novel feel" with a Runaways movie. I think it would be a cult hit like The Crow if done right. Y'know, give it that realistic gritty feel.
#25 Posted by Gothic Storm (892 posts) - - Show Bio
@Gylan Thomas:  Probably the same thing that happened to the US version of Monty Python's Flying Circus... Oh wait, Saturday Night Live is still around I think. (Hasn't been decent since the early 90s though!)
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i just watched the 6 episodes, pretty funny :)
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I read my first Runaways book about two weeks ago. It's a fun read. Nothing essential, in my opinion, but fun nonetheless. 
I do find it odd that this team will get a movie when I believe there are others more worthy. Personally, I place the reboots of the FF, DD, and Ghost Rider ahead of this new franchise. But I guess they do deserve a shot as well. 
Who owns the rights to this film? Is it Marvel Studios or is it another company? Anybody know?


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This is a project that should be avoided but maybe it'll be interesting. I wonder if it'll fit into the grander picture but who knows...

#29 Posted by fACEmelter88 (688 posts) - - Show Bio
@KRYPTON : PLAIN AND SIMPLE: they're awesome...u read them? u should the series is life changing...not really but i'm naming my daughter molly
#30 Posted by sora_thekey (8688 posts) - - Show Bio

Runaways is such an interesting story that I feel would be translated into film very well!
Can't wait to see this movie!

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@damswedon: Oh that'll be why I've never heard of it, I don't watch ITV :P 

@lazystudent:  I'm not dying to see a second season but I guess it was something to fill the time, lol.
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i've read quite a bit of the Runaways and for the most part I really enjoyed it. here's hoping the movie isn't f***ing terrible

#33 Posted by CaptainGenisVell (324 posts) - - Show Bio

I've pretty much read all the Runaways and loved the majority of it, especially with the original writers and Joss Whedon, but some of the others didn't really know how to portray the characters correctly.
I quite liked 'Misfits', since it wasn't your usual superhero programme and so has the edge of alot of the rest, the same goes for 'No Heroics'.

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surprisingly, I'm not very enthusiastic about this

#35 Posted by AirDave817 (1182 posts) - - Show Bio

I like Runaways. Except for what they've done with a couple of the characters (SPOILER: the one's that have been killed off.) Brian K. Vaughn must be working very hard to get a movie made. Or, that must've been part of the agreement when the book launched or something. It's a good book, great characters...but 'fastracking' a movie?...hmmm... 

#36 Posted by CellphoneGirl (19002 posts) - - Show Bio

I can't wait ^_^

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@Gylan Thomas said:

" What became of the US version of No Heroics?

I enjoyed all the little references like that. The beers aswell were named that way. My favourite was "Shazamstel" or...

Remember seeing that as either promotional art or a poster in the program somewhere.
And the US version just wasn't picked up because it wasn't supposed to be that good. Like the US versions of Spaced, IT Crowd, Men Behaving Badly, Are You Being Served?, Coupling, Vicar of Dibly, Life on Mars.... well lots to be fair. Very few American remakes of British shows work.
#38 Posted by doordoor123 (3810 posts) - - Show Bio

This is one of my favorite titles ever. And ive read a lot. Im sure someone picked this up, read it and loved it as much as i did. Thats why its being made into a movie. Was kick-ass any different? im surprised kick-ass got to be on screen. It wasnt even that great of a series.  
Im SO excited for this. I think the movie could actually be better than the series if its done right. But im also afraid its going to get toned down for a younger audience. 
Well see. Im still going to be first in line for a ticket to this movie.

#39 Posted by sifsclub (464 posts) - - Show Bio

I like The Runaways. A lot. we used to get the books at the library, my brother and i. we initially had no idea who they were, but they were cool to me. i just hope the movie doesn't suck "A bad word"
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really like the Runaways but that No Heroics show looks stupid. i hate British comedy

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This is extremely strange, this guy wrote two "comedies" for a channel that hasn't had any success in making comedies for years and he continued the trend. Both "No Heroics" and "High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman" were terrible. When we're treated with recent comedy greats like The Office (the British Original), Black Books, Father Ted, Peep Show and Spaced, it was no surprise that the embarrassingly cringe worthy "No Heroics" wasn't back for a second series.  
his other small screen credits don't really show how he got this high profile gig.

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I really enjoyed No Heroics and I love Runaways so this is good news for me.

#43 Posted by LP (683 posts) - - Show Bio

The Runaways are my favorite thing Marvel but I don't want to see a movie, personally. I can't see the point, and I don't think any Hollywood writers have the sensitivity for that type of story.

#44 Posted by Illyana Rasputin (2924 posts) - - Show Bio

This looks clever! I want to watch this, now!

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