Right age to read Runaways?

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Hey I would like to get the Runaways comics for my little sister who is turning 11 this month. But I'm starting to worry that this is too young. Any opinions? Thanks!

#2 Posted by MyFavoriteViltrumite23 (161 posts) - - Show Bio

Does she watch Adventure Time or Avatar cause I think she can handle the Runaways

#3 Posted by akbogert (3302 posts) - - Show Bio

@johntdf: For whatever it may be worth, the books themselves are rated Teen. But as with any time you ask this sort of question on the Internet you're going to get equal parts "ignore the ratings I watched R-rated movies when I was 7" and "definitely hold off a few years because ratings are important."

I'd compare it to other media your sister is used to. If she already watches PG-13 stuff then Runaways is definitely going to be fine. Honestly it's tough for me to remember "objectionable" content but as I haven't been 11 for a very long time I've lost all sense of what would have been a big deal to me at that time.

#4 Posted by sacredweapons (1805 posts) - - Show Bio

I would make her read it. But really dont think she will understand it. Does she already read comics or are you going to use this to introduce her to this world

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