Reboot or continuation?

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Considering that movie starts shooting in March, I think it's possible that relaunch will happen around that time, in order to hype up the movie.  What do you think will happen to plot when they do?
Looks to me like they have two choices: continue the story and make it hard for new readers to catch up (without buying all previous issues) or start the story from the beginning, gaining new readers (by movie hype or otherwise) and probably alienating current fanbase.
I'm not really sure I like either of these choices. I love first volume as it is, but afterwords it got kinda ... tangled. And another part I really didn't like was almost every story had a new roster. So my ideal preference would be to keep vol. 1, and just continue from there. Of course I'm aware that will never happen :(
What about you? What would you like relaunch to be, and what do you think it will be in the end?

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contiuation, but they need an arch enemy a team of superpowered teens who aren't so intrested in doing good , but not realy villans either
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quite frankly im expecting them to butcher the series in a reboot it'll be the same just  rushed like avatar the last air bender was itll take established characters and try to cram the story in an under 2 hour filming budget and over no back story to any of the characters itll only go as far as the pride getting beat the first time Coraline wont be a lesbian, Alex i cant see them messing up but hey Ive said that a lot of times about a lot of things there going to kill gurt like thats going to happen molly will be the same and the comic relief along with chase.

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To be honest, it's not a difficult series to get in to.  The Runaways is the one series that is the easiest to get into because of the trade collections.  Even the little digest volumes are easy to get & easy to read.


I think that the comics need to pick up where they left off and carry on... but whether the movie will have any similarity to the comics is another matter entirely.

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@xerox-kitty said:
"I think that the comics need to pick up where they left off and carry on... but whether the movie will have any similarity to the comics is another matter entirely.
You think? I was kinda hoping for they'll use the first volume - the Tpoher storyline. It would be a perfect movie as it is.
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It would be dumb for them to do a reboot, like Xerox Kitty said, it's not that hard to get into.

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Continuation only with you know a good writer, as for the movie if they stick to the first one only it should turn out okay, but movies often butcher the original source so only time will tell

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They would not do a continuity reboot. You can't really do it in a shared comic universe anyway. Runaways might be a book that really does not effect many aspects of the Marvel universe but it is still a part of it. Marvel for the most part knows not to ignore huge chunks of an established series in the name of new reader friendliness. Did the Iron Man comics get an entire continuity reboot when the film came out? Spider-Man? The X-men? No, they did not but they still probably got more folk to read the comics. And Besides Runaways has not been around that long... Any idiot with access to a computer can figure it's history out.
I figure shortly before the Movie Kathy Immonen will get to finish her unfinished arc (As a mini or a One shot or whatever...) and then they will reboot the series numbering with a new creative team hopefully more competent than Kathryn Immonen and Sara Pichelli (Nick Spencer and Dave Lafluente PLZ!!!)

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