Marvel gives the Runaways plot holes in only 3 comic books.

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My favorite superheroe team are the Runaways,they are a great bunch of teenagers that you can learn why I like them here.Now there last issue of volume 3 was in September 2010 wich left Chase in a coma after getting by a car since he was chasing a girl that looked like Gert who didn't want to talk to him.Now since they have a movie in the works I assume that there ongoing will come back but in the mean time they are still stuck in that time but apparently they are moving.First in this Uncanny X-Men: Heroic Age book were we see her talking with Beast,this isn't so bad since this could take place at any time during volume 3 so I don't care.My biggest complaint is in the The Heroic Age: Super Heroes were Steve Rogers is writing a report on them stating that 2 of their members are dead and one of them is in critical condition in a hospital.So am I to understand that Steve knows that were the Runaways and how screwed up their are right now but he doesn't do anything to get them,I seriously doubt he would forget about this very troubled youth without checking up on them.Or who knows maybe the Young Avengers told him not to bother them but I doubt that.And then the finall nail in the casket is in New Avengers #7 were Molly is auditionning for the role of babysitter but it's in NEW YORK and she is supposed to be in LOS ANGELES,I read in Blurred View's review of Avenger's #7 that Bendis doesn't care for continuity but this is just stupid.I would imagine Steve taking Luc on the side on the party in issue 1 of the series and telling him about this team of very troubled teens are running around the country and if he sees them could he capture them ? That would make an iota of sense but apparently Bendis didn't think of this. 
This blog was about how Marvel's stupidity his screwing up my favorite team while they don't even have an on-going series and how much the writer that is going to write their series is going to be forced to write it around these appearences. 


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Ya I rather just get a full ongoing series for the Runaways instead of all of these cameos. 

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None of these are really deal breakers. I mean ever since his dealings with X-23, Steve has kind of taken a hands off approach with young crimefighters. Especially if they seemed to not want his help. And as for the Molly thing, why couldn't she or any of the Runaways show up in New York? They are a team of superpowered teens after all,and have been known to go to there before.

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Yup thats comic companies for you.
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If there indeed not frozen in time then something should be happening in there universe that leads them into the heroic age. The molly thing was cute and i don't think it was meant to offend just to be like look molly at lest people at marvel remember the series.  They really do need to get them off there freeze so they can move forward.

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