Future stories idea's :Runaways.

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I will start doing a series of topics in the future of me pitching idea's I have for story-lines for some characters or teams and I would like to have feedback from the community on my ideas.So first off my favorite team the Runaways. 
It starts the morning after Chase got hit by a car,a teenager enters a convinience store and buys a couple of items.After reading the paper he sse that Chase got it by a car he runs off telling the clerck to keep the change.In the Runaways hideout they also find out about Chase's condition they decide to go get him immedeately but the teenager gets into their hideout and yells at them to let him help them.The team turns around and see a guy with a backpach,sportsbag,a book and a zombie head in his hands.They demand about his identity and says that he is here to get their help to stop his parents before they resurect the Runaways parents and the Gibborim and that they started with their friend Gert. 
This would start them on a journey into stopping the resurection of their parents wich will lead them into joining a death race competion,visiting a creepy town of cultist's,a crossover with Avenger's Academy and traveling around the world to stop the rents friends and will see the creation of a new Pride. 
So I want to know what you guys think and please feel free to add your own idea's.
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Okay here is a good plot, the story takes place 2 months after Chase's accident.A young man with a fancy suit and a briefcase with the ROCKSTAR logo on it is returing home from work, when he arrives to his swanky apartment he his stared at by six angry eyes, the yong man grins asks Hi guys how lifes been treatin you,say are you guys still angry about me betraying you because I did get incinerated for that. The Runaways said no remark and tries to blast Alex but he didn't spend all that time in limbo doing nothing so he dodges the last and gets ready for his reuniting with his old friends
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Not really sure if it was them, but as i was reading   X-Infernus I noticed these creatures that looked identical to the Gibborim in Limbo, so they may not be dead after all :P 

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