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Question on the Runaways were posed in both the 'Cup o Joe' Panel and the 'Year of the X-men' Panel. So here's what we know. 

  • Joe Q cannot talk about the film right now. 
  • Molly will probably be popping up in x-men (apparently Molly is one of the current X-men editors favourite characters)
  • Nico is likely to be seen especially now characters like Daken and Moon Knight have moved to L.A
  • The Comic is on hiatus and will only be brought back if they find a clear 'mission statement'
I would post links to where I found this stuff, however the thread was somewhat of an afterthought. And I really, really, can't be bothered to go searching through all the live blogs again. Not everyone wrote it down, and most of the rest paraphrased their answers slightly differently. However if anyone would be kind enough to do so as a reply, you would win many internets and all my gratitudes. 
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I'm happy to hear about Molly.
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Sweet :D I can't wait to see Molly and Nico ^_^ 
I wonder why he can't talk about the movie.. Either they haven't began working on it, or they are just keeping things on the down low for now. lol

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