Can anyone help me out?

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I am looking to buy the collections of the Runaways but I don't know what order they go in.  
I bought Preacher, The Boys, and Y The Last Man, and those collections were numbered, so it made it easy to know what one to start with (volume 1, volume 2 etc.)  

So I am wondering if anyone can tell me the titles and order of the collected books for the Runaways? Thanks.

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Amazon is pretty good for numbering volumes (even if Marvel aren't).  So you can search for Runaways 1, Runaways 7, etc...


  • Pride And Joy
  • Teenage Wasteland
  • The Good Die Young 
    True Believers 
    Escape To New York 
    Parental Guidance 
    Live Fast 
    Dead End Kids 
    Dead Wrong 
    Rock Zombies 
    I should add these volumes to the database (at least the digest versions)

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