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(the desert)

Unexplainably, the Runaways are in are in the desert. The Steinbus is parked, with music blasting from the radio. Karolina sunbathes on the roof, lazily asking for ice. Victor and Klara play video games on their laptop. Nico is reading a book called "Embrace", as she slurps on her drink. Chase is cooking a sausage over the flames of one of his Footstigons.

Molly, disgusted, snaps everyone out of their tranquility and reminds them this was their time to be a team. She orders them to search for firewood, but Chase is willing to use his Footstigon. Nico desires to use the bus's microwave, but Molly becomes more annoyed. She barks at everyone to turn off all the electronics, Chase to put the Footstigon in the bus, Klara to stop shooting Victor, Nico to close her book, and for Karolina to put her clothes on.

The others grudgingly comply with Molly's orders. She reaches into her bag and holds up several drawings... for costume designs. The guys groan, but Klara asks if she can have petticoats.

(Los Angeles)

At KZIT, Val Rhymin is on air and speaking to his listeners. The show ends with "Japanimation Eyes", and he lets his listeners know that they can get a track listing of the songs he plays from the KZIT website. He then informs them that he has a surprise; he holds up the enchanted CD. Val pops the CD in it's track, and blasts it so all of Los Angeles should hear.

(later, the desert)

The fire is crackling away as the Runaways sit around it to keep warm now the sun is fading away. They're still discussing costumes. Karolina tells Mol that she's not wearing spandex, but Molly tells her that its bodyskin, like the swimmers wear. Chase reckons it sounds good. Nico would look good in a speedo. Nico calls him a perv. Klara leafs through some of Molly's designs but isn't too sure about it. She's not used to wearing anything so tight. Molly admits defeat on the bodysuit idea, but instead pulls out different designs which are a lot more loose-fitting, filled with pockets for carrying notes and secret weapons. Chase quips that he was wondering what to do with all his crime-fighting notes. Karolina thinks it's all very sweet, but... Molly snaps at them, and says that if they can't decide on a costume, she's not going to sing their new theme song.

(Los Angeles)

Back in Los Angeles, a young couple are taking a drive in a red convertible with the roof down. They're tuned in to KZIT as Val's song begins to play. Both of them are plastic surgery victims.

The girl enjoys the song, and asks her boyfriend to turn it up. As the seconds pass, her face begins to distort, falling and bulging slowly. Suddenly, she doubles over and screams as her muscles twist and bend under her skin. The guy driving freaks out and loses control of the car which almost flips over before crashing through a store window. Customers run for their lives. The cashier approaches them and asks if they are allright, but finds that both the couple's have turned into zombies. As the tune keeps pumping from their radio, several of the customers begin turning into zombies as well.

(the desert)

In the desert, most of the runaways are fast asleep by the fire. Only Molly's eyes are wide open. She realizes that Karolina isn't in her sleeping bag and decides to head off to investigate. She finds Karolina sat cross-legged, looking at the sunrise. Molly sits herself beside her and asks if she's cold. "A little" she replies, "You cold?" Molly is wrapped in her bag and reckons it's like twenty or thirty degrees out there. Karolina pulls the bag around the both of them and rainbow energies emanate from her body. "Better?" she smiles. "Much," replies Molly. As they watch the sun lift from the horizon, Karolina says that she wishes Xavin was there. Molly does too.

(Los Angeles)

Over at KZIT, Val has locked himself into his DJ booth. Three staff members bang on the glass, telling him that he's had a good laugh but he should now unlock the door. Another tells him to at least change the tune. It's killing them out there. A fellow DJ complains that it's now his slot. This isn't cool. They are unaffected by the mystical spell that the tune contains. Val leans into his mic and asks how his little Val pals are doing out there in Candyland. "Digging the beat?" He tells his 'meat puppets' to soak it up, groove on Val's rhythms and release their inner zombie. The guys outside think Val's lost it, and the other DJ tries to break through the glass using a fire extinguisher. He's already called the police, but they say there's some sort of crisis in the city. They're going to have to take care of this themselves. As they try to gain entry, Lydia appears and roars at them. They three men turn on their heels and head for the exit, petrified. Val tells her that it looks like they didn't appreciate her inner beauty. What can he say? That's L.A. for you.

(the desert)

Meanwhile, the runaways have packed their gear into the VW and Chase desires some carbs, wondering where the nearest IHOP is. Nico tells him to IHOP on his own time. She needs a shower. Karolina seconds that and asks to be taken back to the house. Chase climbs into the driver's seat and informs them that the 'Magic Bus' doesn't like to be kept waiting. Nico questions its new name, and Chase says that's what he's named her. "Fits, doesn't it?" he asks, rhetorically.

(Los Angeles)

At KZIT, Val continues speaking to what listener's he has left. He tells them that if they can hear his voice, then they've either joined the ranks of the undead, or know someone who has. He himself has been victimized by this cruel turn of events. Glancing at Lydia with a grin, he adds that KZIT's very own promotional director and dear friend, Lydia Stumpmeyer, has fallen victim to the curious plague that is sweeping the city. He aims the mic at Lydia and asks her to say hi. Lydia emits a gurgling sound, so Val pulls it back towards him. He informs his faithful listeners that there is still hope, and that hope's name is Val Rhymin. He has the cure for what ails them. He will be more than happy to share his miracle cure for anybody who does him one little favor...

Outside in the city, fresh zombies are running rampage, chasing those that haven't yet turned, smashing windows and generally acting like zombies. Val's angry voice comes loud and clear through radio speakers. He asks them to burn the city down. Burn it to the ground and then burn the ground. Cauterize the decrepit town and flush out all the hypocritical rats that infest the city like angels of cancer. When they've flushed them out, they can march them into the sea. He's talking about bankers, politicians, movie producers and those insipid little dogs in Gucci sweaters. "To the sea, all of them!" he cries. He also asks them not to burn the money, because it all belongs to Uncle Val. "Save the money! Save the jewels! Save all the gold and silver you can find!" Zombies all over the city start to raid shops and banks on his behest. Val corrects himself. He asks them to forget the silver. That's overrated. He just wants the jewels, money and gold. He'd also like a Ferrari. They can do what he tells them to and then meet him at the Hollywood Bowl at midnight tonight. They bring him the loot - he gives them the cure. "Now go my little monkeys! Gooooooooo!"

Listening on their return to Los Angeles are the Runaways. Fortunately for them, they're a little young to have had any plastic surgery, so they remain unaffected by the tune. Chase loves Val's rant and reckons he's a genius. Nico thinks he's a nut, and feels pretty sure he shouldn't be saying what he's saying on the radio. She looks out the window and wonders what's with all the cars. She then sees one of them on fire and a zombie trolling past with a gas canister and blow torch. She looks out over the city, now with towers of smoke rising up from it. "It's a war zone!" Chase asks what's going on. Nico isn’t sure, but it may have something to do with his BFF on the radio. She asks him to listen. Val is asking his zombies to bring him the money in return for the cure. Chase says that not everyone appreciates Val's brand of humor, but Nico asks if he's kidding? "Pull off. Now!

Chase exits the freeway and hits the streets, where they spot a zombie is attacking a guy with a fender. Nico thinks she can hear something in the song, like a chanting under the music. Molly wakes up and asks what's going on. Are they out of gas? Chase asks Nico where he's going and she asks him to head straight for KZIT. They're going straight to the source of this crap. Victor reckons it might be easier said than done. They discover burning cars blocking the street ahead, and several zombies taking a keen interest in them.

Chase thinks this is gonna be fun, and Victor is in agreement. Nico asks Chase what he's doing. He asks what else you do in a zombie RPG. Start blowin' away zombies. 10 points each. Karolina asks him to wait. She informs him that these zombies aren't dead, they're just real people. She asks him to take a look. Nico realizes that it must be the song. The chant she hears in the music must be a spell which is enchanting the people. "We can't kill them," adds Karolina. Vic reckons they have to do something or they'll be crushed. The VW is surrounded by zombies and they don't look too friendly.

Nico asks Chase if he can get the Magic Bus airborne. He says he can, but not without firing up the jets. Does she want a zombie BBQ? Nico asks someone to turn off the radio while they figure out a plan. Karolina looks at the sunroof and has an idea. Nico doesn’t need an explanation and just asks Karolina to do it. Karolina then exits through the sunroof and begins to glow. She reckons a little light on the problem will be harmless but effective. The zombies shield their eyes and back away from the bus. Nico then asks everyone to get out of the bus. Once outside, Chase asks now what? Vic wonders if magic could reverse the spell within the song. Nico doubts it. She can't even reverse her own spells. Molly thinks it's easy. She can just get out her stick and say Unzombie. Chase urges them to do whatever it is quickly. If they get any closer, then all bets are off on that peace and love crap. With the zombies approaching once again, Nico asks Karolina to get the two girls clear of harm's way.

She flies them to safety as Chase pulls on his Fistigons. Nico summons her Staff of One, smacking one zombie in the face with it as it emerges from her chest. Vic uses his power to yank a streetlight from its housing but Nico acts first. She uses a spell - 'Zombie Not!' but as magical lightning zaps between the approaching zombies, something unexpected happens. Chase looks up and asks if this is what she was trying to do. "Not even close," she replies. The zombies have joined together to form one very large zombie. Chase asks her to reverse the spell, but Nico reminds him that she can't. Vic asks if she can reverse time, because he'd really like a do-over on this. Klara notices that the large zombie creature is coming towards them. Molly tries to wake up as this must be a bad dream!


In this issue, the song "Japanimation Eyes" by the Fuglees' is referenced. So is IHOP, the International House of Pancakes, an American chain of restaurants operating in all fifty states.

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