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Part 1 (of 2)

A perfect jumping-on point for the series that Wizard said "could be the most original book to focus on teenaged super heroes since Spider-Man debuted all the way back in 1962!" Fan-favorite artist Takeshi Miyazawa returns to RUNAWAYS for a special two-part story that will change the team's lineup forever! When a dangerous alien invades Los Angeles, the Runaways' own Karolina Dean may be the only hero in the Marvel Universe who can stop him... but at what cost?

The Runaways take down a criminal called "The Swarm". Then the Runaways split into three groups of two to get their shopping done faster.

But as Karolina and Nico are walking, they spot a "shooting-star" (or so it would appear). Nico tells Karolina to make a wish, and then Karolina tries to kiss Nico. This reveals Karolina's homosexuality, making her feel even more alone. Then they see that the so called "shooting-star" is getting bigger, and bigger..... and it's coming straight for them!!

But just before impact, it stops, and a man in a purple and black jumpsuit climbs out.

The man then reveals himself to be a Skrull, and also Karolina's fiance!

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