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Rughal was born in 1420 to one of the Guardians of wisdom. He was a gravely serious child, immersed and obsessed with the Noor stones and pitiless in his disinterest for childish pursuits. By age twenty Rughal was a brilliant scientific mind and he is the one who made the incredible discovery that the Noor stone gives great powers to certain individuals. Rughal thought that manifest wielders of the Noor stones are out there, they just needed to be found, and with such force the Noor stone could not only be protected, but exploited and all that his people had lost could be reclaimed. The guardians disagreed with Rughal. They rejected his vision as too inflammatory, too provocative. He rejected theirs as being too timid, too ignorant. The impasse lasted for decades and Rughal become bitter in his untapped genius. In 1490, with Rughal's health in decline, the Spanish armies marched across the Iberian Peninsula. The Huras knew that the fortress would fall. They decided to dismantle the fortress, remove the dome of the Noor stone and flee. However, Rughal had other plans. He knew a lunar eclipse was coming, the first of its kind since the dome had been erected. He anticipated that the eclipse would have a very unexpected effect on the gemstones. Rughal found long-forgotten scrolls and tomes and, over months, prepared a new solution of kings water. When the night of the lunar eclipse finally came, Rughal was ready. Rughal immersed himself in the kings water. He also placed mirrors in specific locations to channel the light of the Noor stones, combining the various streams into one coherent beam and redirected them into the kings water and himself. Rughal's screams were heard all over the fortress that night. Before anyone could reach the dome, the source of the screaming, the fortress was destroyed in an explosion. The same explosion that destroyed the fortress scattered the essence of Rughal and it took him 200 years to pull himself together.

After pulling himself together he discovered that he was young once more and was able to understand any language he had seen or heard before. Rughal started collecting wealth and riches so he could find the Noor stones and be able to gain the power to rule the world. Rughal would hide his eternal youth by pretending to be his own son. During his traveling he met his wife to be Khaleda in Egypt. After his father in law died Rughal took control of the company and started to turn it into a global company. Rughal kept his distance from Khaleda, not because he didn't love her but because the age difference was clear. When khaleda confronted him Rughal revealed the truth to her. Khaleda was shocked and ran away and Rughal knew he had to stop her but couldn't bring himself to kill her. Rughal kept sending flowers to Khaleda, she thought this was his way of apologizing. However, the flowers were engineered to spray poison that sent her into a coma. Rughal provided all the medical equipment that would keep her alive and visited her once every year to confess his guilt and that despite what he had done he hoped she would forgive him in her dreams because he could never forgive himself. Unknown to Rughal Khaleda gave birth to his daughter, Simpei.

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