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Roz Solomon is and Environmental S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent who sent an e-vite to Thor to attend her graduation party, which was relayed to him by Iron Man which Thor accepted. Roz would be shocked when the god of thunder actually showed up abroad the Hellicarrier the night of the graduation ball, admitting to Thor she never actually believed he would show. The two would dance and flirt and drink, with Roz still fairly flabbergasted. She would converse to Thor about the environment explaining there was actually a secondary serious reason she invited him, wanting to know his perspective of the environmental problems facing the Earth. Later on her first day of work, Roz was in Whale Graveyard in the South-Pole when Thor showed finally taking her up on her offer to discuss environmental damage being done to the planet over dinner.


Roz Solomon is a Marvel comics published character created by writer Jason Aaron and artist Nic Klein. She first appears in the Thor God of Thunder series making her debut appearance in Thor: God of Thunder #12 - Once Upon a Time in Midgard. Roz's debut scene makes an interesting and amusing reference to the real life invitation via the internet to celebrity Mila Kunis to attend a Marines Ball by a Marine which was accepted by the starlet surprising the Marine and many others.

Character Evolution

Whilst Roz Solomon is not the first Earth girl to interact with Thor romantically, characters such as Jane Foster and Hannah Fairmont predating her, Solomon is distinguished by not being involved in the medical profession, and is instead a SHIELD agent and environmental scientist.

Powers and Abilities

Roz is a trained and graduated SHIELD agent specializing in environmental science. She is likely to be of above average fitness level and trained in various firearms and weapons, and hand to hand combat. She possesses no superhuman powers or abilities.

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