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Royale is a magician with a plan. First he convinced Lord Cardinale to attack fairy realm, that arose into the attention of a warrior named Medieval Spawn. The plan started to take effect and it didn't take long until Witchblade stepped into equation. When Lord Cardinale was fighting his last battle against fairy stronghold, Royale sneaked away from him and told his location to Katarina and Spawn. The fight between Witchblade and Darkness was a perfect diversion for him to sneak into fairy treasure chamber to seek the answer to his question from a magic mirror. The question was: When is the apocalypse? He received his answer but that would by in year 1996, 800 years from time he was in. He then devised a plan to live for all that time to be part of that apocalypse. When the battle was starting to end between the Darkness and Witchblade, Lord Caridnale summoned all the darkness to himself for power. Elinor, a creature molded from darkness, did not want to die and pleaded the help from Royale. Royale worked his magic and separated her from darkness, but imprisoned her for all eternity. Lord Cardinale was defeated and his head chopped off. Royale took it as a price but all Darkness didn't leave Lord Cardinale at the moment of death, the head was still alive.

Now 800 year have passed from that and apocalypse nears it's date. Wielders of great magic are part of it and Royale manages to plant himself into their ranks.

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