Why did Roy and Kori break up?

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I read this and am confused can someone help me out? Panels would be helpful too thanks!

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Were they ever actually dating? I thought they were just having casual sex with each other.

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@ellie_knightfall: well at first it was just friends with benefits kinda but then there were times where he called her his girl and they went out on some dates so it seems they were in a kind of relationship and here on comic vine it said starfire was dating him. I read somewhere he broke it off tho not sure why

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She´s been lying about her memory problems to cover up the fact that her last meeting with Dick involved trying to kill him evidently

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they werent dating. they were f**k buddies.

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@thetimestreamer: they went on dates, he called her his girl, she apparently had feelings for him she told her sister that, and it's all dramatic as is breaking them up.

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@acolombia: reallly? o_0 starfire tried to kill nightwing?

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they werent dating. they were f**k buddies.

I really dislike this generational thing of not wanting to put titles on relationships.

"we're just having fun" "we're just dating" and etc. Why is the title of boyfriend and girlfriend such a big deal? Why is there so much "pressure" to be in a relationship. People want to act as if being exclusive is as important or as sacred as being married.

Like Joseph said in 500Days of Summer, "friends don't hold hands and have sex... I have a say in this too and I say we're a couple DAMMIT."

or something along those lines.

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@yung_ancient_one: i have no interest in your pet peeves. this is what they are. yell at dc, not me.

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@thetimestreamer: "f*** buddies" are GF and BF in my opinion. They are couples who are not taking their relationship seriously and even doubt they will be together forever. I seen too many "**** buddies" end up getting married or gaining feelings for each other. I seen BS drama from one side or the other and I'm thinking, "I thought they weren't even a couple." Again to quote Joseph, "friends don't have sex with each other."



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bump thanks for this thread i was confused about the relationship as well.

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@acolombia: Change the title of this thread. You just spoiled something for me I really didn't want spoiled.


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Can't wait til Tynion is off the title.


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