Was Roy Better Before The Reboot?

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Before the reboot Roy Harper was, for a little while, this awesome badass secret agent type dude. Then he lost his arm, started drugs, and become an unofficial assassin.

Now, aside from being a talented inventor and the heart of the outlaws, he's basicly become the teams long haired bitch. Harsh, but true.

So tell me, am i the only one who thinks Roy WAS cooler before the reboot?

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@redx17: yes in my opinion. In the new 52 He disregards his old friends like Dick and sides with Jason knowing he tried to kill him, at first he just uses Kori. II they're dating now but it still pisses me off. Now it's reconted he's an alcoholic instead of a drug addict like pre reboot that made his struggle interesting and the first superhero to struggle with an illegal narcotic. Now he's Jason's sidekick in some ways. Not to mention Lian never existed. Before he was a great father part of the JL and a Titan had friends, they did ruin him with the Cry for Justice crap but besides that Roy was much better pre reboot, same with Kori.

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Pre-52 was a lot darker and had more to it. I prefer pre-52

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@redx17: I liked pre 52 Roy better before Cry for Justice, but I believe he fits better with Jason Todd instead of Dick.I would have loved to see them work more together pre 52 under Judd Winick.


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