The Rise Of Arsenal And The Fall Of Green Arrow

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Have you read Justice League: Cry For Justice #5 yet?  I reviewed it HERE.  By now you should've heard that Roy Harper could use a hand...literally.  How does a hero get back on his feet after getting an arm ripped off?  How is Green Arrow going to take it?
This will be looked at in Justice League: The Rise And Fall #1.  This is set to bridge the gap between Cry For Justice, Justice League Of America and the upcoming Justice League: The Rise Of Arsenal, a four issue mini-series.  We still don't know who is responsible even though we have an idea. 
Here's what the awesome J.T. Krul has to say on this:

“I was super fortunate to be able to play a role in BLACKEST NIGHT, and I have to say I’m even more excited — if that’s possible — about being able to take on Roy Harper and Green Arrow as their stories spill out of Cry For Justice. James has been building to a monster climax in his book, and no two characters will be as changed as much as Roy and Ollie. And, the story isn’t even over yet. The title RISE and FALL says it all in terms of where these characters are headed. It’s going to be a dark and tragic road for both them and I’m hoping readers will be hooked by where Ollie and Roy come out in the end.”

  Check out this image by Mauro Cascioli courtesy of DC.

The image simply speaks volumes.
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sounds cool and that looks suspiciously like his smallville green arrow costume
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I hate that Smallville costume as much as Luthor hates Superman.

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i think that smallville costume is great 

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...Damn, I guess I am actually going to have to read Cry for Justice.
Didn't plan on it. Here DC, take some more of my munny.
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Seems dramatic
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Yes DAI!

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love the hooded look.  There is nothing intimidating about a guy in a robin hood hat
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I'm loving Cry for Justice, but that issue seemed largely like filler with shock value at the end. But if the ending is supposed to be awesome I'm sicking with it. 
But, Ollie should stop holding the arrow like that...
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Arsenal lost an arm?

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I never knew Ollie's bow was taller then does he pull it back?

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Isn't the Smallville "hooded look" from the Mike GrellGreen Arrow iteration?  
I see Oliver Queen in quite the dramatic pose, but what of this (one-armed man) Ray Harper?  

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@aztek the lost said:
"I never knew Ollie's bow was taller then does he pull it back? "

void space arrow
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Green arrow is dying again! They already killed him once

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I could care less about what costume he's wearing because Mauro Cascioli's artwork is amazing    

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The More I look at this picture....the more I think I need to do more pushups to catch up. Yup - I need to do more pushups.
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I like how he used the Smallville GA suit. Now if only Justin will ditch the Golden Age clean shaved GA look and start growing the goatee :-D
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Anyone know when this is coming out? I Don't think my comic shop gets Cry for Justice.:(

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@JLAsuperdude: This stuff starts around march.  With JL: Rise and Fall, then Rise of Arsenal mini and Fall of GA in his own ongoing... 
With that said, please please don't screw with Ollie and Dinah...I have respect for J.T. Krul and I hope he can tell a good Arrow story without dragging everything through hell.  Ollie can have rough times and still be married.  It's not that hard  ::COUGH  hint hint JOE Q! COUGH::.  Also please don't portray either of them as incompetent like it appears in CFJ and in JLA in the past.  Dinah is more than capable of leading the JLA and should be presented as a powerful character.  And Ollie's not a complete failure...I'm excited and nervous.  As for Arsenal...cyborg arm please
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Beautiful art.  Whoa.
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god who cares?
at least the art is great. cool smallville costume. 
but the Justice League has just sucked since Infinite Crisis.

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i lost my ability to care about GA when they wrote Connor Hawke out .=(

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is DC jus gonna make every side kick take their Masters Mantle only to take it away from them in less than a year or what?

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love the art work so this is coming out in march

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@Quest: yes it is
@Green Flash:
thanks Green Flash  
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i wana know more!

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I don't make to many comments on here but this image is just AMAZING.

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I really can't wait to read cry for justice when it hits TPB. I've heard bad things but I love the characters and the art style so i'm very much looking to get it.
I am a huge Green Arrow and Red Arrow/Roy fan and have been following the "family" for some time now. However i have to say i havn't enjoyed the Green arrow/black canary series at all and have stopped reading it. The Justice League of America series being one of my faves until around the time Roy left i am looking forward to seeing Ollie back on the team. I will be picking up all these series and am REALLY looking forward to seeing what happens with Roy and Ollie. I flicked through Cry For Justice 5 in my local comic shop last week and was shocked when i saw the picture of Roy. Sinse then it's been very hard for me to not just buy the series and my mind has been buzzing with ideas for what might happen to Roy(most of which i like). I like the idea of him re-taking his Arsonal persona and using more than just the Bow and Arrow. I also like the idea of him becoming more Tech based than GA. So for me this is great. 
On top of that i look forward to GA's reaction to all this. It's his flawed and sometimes self hateful/self destructive nature that makes him such an interesting character to me. Who needs someone who can do anything who inevitably will win the day. Green arrow's stories walk a delicate line where he doesn't always win or even come off the hero. This looks like it might well be one of those times and that will hopefully make for one of these defining and difficult moments in his life that make for such good stories. That image itself I very much like but i do feel that directly copying the Smallville costume detracts from it a little. The hooded look is great and i do really like it but the symbol/design on the front being taken directly out of a completely different version of the character doesn't sit quite right for me. I may get used to it but i'd much preffer they either go back to a single green or a different/varied symbol on the chest. 
All in all a brilliant news update from where i am sitting. Thankyou DC :)

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I think this well be the end of Roy's super-hero career.

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@NightFang: I'm not convinced. I'm inclined to believe this is not the beginning of the end but the beginning of a new Roy. I'm sure some people thought that Roy becoming Red arrow was the beginning the end of his career. To me the idea of Arsenal, a guy with an Arsenal of weaponry (which in itself was an evolution of his Speedy persona), becoming Red Arrow, a guy who used only a bow and arrow, was a bit of a backwards step. That said i loved Roy as Red Arrow, i just always wanted to see him do more than just use a bow. Because we all knew he could. His transition into the Red Arrow persona wasn't in any way a bad thing and the pride of him taking the place of Ollie on the JSA that was felt by both him and Ollie was a great character building story. This story however looks to challenge that and move Roy back out of the shadow of GA and develop him as a unique individual. 
I'm not saying you are wrong and this is definitely a good thing, that verdict will have to wait until the story is revealed, but i personally see a lot of potential in this and i have high hopes for the Rise of Arsenal. 
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finally we get too see arsenal again
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Nice art.

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So... they're going to ruin Green Arrow?

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i have never read much about roy harper. but after reading cry for justice, im actually very interested in following him and i like the turn green arrow has taken. hes about to go on a killing spree it seems   

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I like the art but... DAMN Arrow's left hand looks extremely veiny. A little too much.
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