Does anybody like his new direction

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seems like roy is an anti hero now anybody dig it
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It's better than a junkie.

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I kinda liked the "red arrow" jla roy better

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I'd rather hang with this guy all day than read that 
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I like the Arsenal persona better
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#7 Posted by daredevil21134 (14494 posts) - - Show Bio

No love for the anti hero version
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I think this new direction he is under is cool and made me like him as a character more.

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Is it cause your a Jason Todd fan.
#11 Posted by ChrisWilliams (16 posts) - - Show Bio

Im actually getting into the new roy hapor anti-hero character
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I think it could be interesting
#13 Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge (1362 posts) - - Show Bio

Thinking back to an old NIGHTWING cover (see below) I kinda think that Roy/Arsenal/Red Arrow's new path was kinda ironic. Loosing a limb is so Luke Skywalker and yet it seems like everyone goes a cybernetic attachment (expect for evil Teen Titan Risk....who is now armless and usless). Loosing a child is ALWAYS tragic for many superheroes (Donna Troy lost her son - Robert and step-daughter - Jennifer, Garth/Tempest lost his son - Cerdian, Aquaman lost Auqababy) as some heroes could eaither cope with their lost or let insanity take over your life....which ROY has now done....from hero to VILLAIN.

In this cover it deals with Dick Grayson/Nightwing trying to control crime in his city....until he worked for DEATHSTROKE for a brief moment or two. Now that Roy has allied himself to Deathstroke and his new evil branch of Titans, it feels like ironic twist as Roy and Dick will soon cross paths.....
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@daredevil21134:   I was never a huge fan of Roy Harper, BUT, I must admit I was surprised to hear he'd gone anti-hero, and even more surprised when I heard he'd become a villain and now works for Deathstroke...If I'd been a bigger fan of Roy I'd probably be upset by this turn of events, the original Speedy becoming a baddie is pretty intense stuff, he may not be as famous or popular as Dick Grayson but he was one of the original hero sidekicks and an original Teen Titan.  Basically, it makes for great drama, but if DC takes him down this path they should be prepared to keep him going down that dark road, especially if he starts killing people (cuz then the damage is done and he'll never be accepted by the DC hero community again)
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I hate CFJ and Rise of arsenal because of what its done to Roy's character

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No. No. HELL no.

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I don't like that his daughter died because she was such a big part of his character and completely changed him. Aswell as that being a recovered heroine addict makes him much more tragic and his new path just gets rid of everything important to him. The new arsenal is cool but I prefer old roy

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yeah i think i do too

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