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Early Life and Return to Earth


Roy was created on January 8, 2016 to be a combat, colonization, and defense specialist. Sent to the offworld colony, Roy escaped in 2019 with 5 other Replicants by attacking a shuttle to Earth and killing all 23 passengers and crew. The first thing the group does is attack The Tyrell Corporation, attempting to get to Tyrell and get him to extend their life. In the raid, one of the Replicants is killed in the security fence. After that, another disappears from all existence.

Events in Bladerunner


The Eyemaker


Roy is first actually seen talking to Leon after the latter tried to get photographs he had taken as memories. Roy asks him, "Did you get your precious photo's?"

Leonreplies with a quick "Somebody was there"

"Who?" Roy asked Leon, now suspicious.

"Just a man." Leonreplied curtly.

"A POLICE man?" Roy asks, and Leon, looks down, not saying a word. Roy takes Leon's silence as a yes, and says "Of course, the police. Forget those pictures Leon. We're going to find a more practical aspect of our past."

He and Leon then traveled to a frozen room where a man in a life preservation coat is working on something bionic. When the two Replicants enter the room, the man turns his head quickly towards them and begins speaking in broken english, asking "How you get in here? Busy! Busy! Make an appointment."

Roy then tells the man, named Hannibal Chew, "We have questions, Mr. Chew, and not a great deal of time. Question about the design of the Nexus Six."

"No. No. Cold! Cold! Go away!" Chew then says, but the only responce he gets from Roy is a cold and savage smile.

Roy then lifts up his hand, and plunges it into the liquid where one of the eyeballs mister chew was working on presently floats, and despite Chew's horror, he smiles and lifts his hand out, now a frozen and stiff block of ice. Roy then coldly states a single word "Questions."

Chew, horrorstruck, then says shakedly "You Replicant! You Illegal! Not belong here! You belong other worlds... up there!"

Roy then turns and states coolly a (modified) poem by William Blake, saying, "Fiery the Angels fell,

Deep thunder rolled around their shores,

Burning with the fires of Orc." He then turns, motioning to his companon and stating "Leon."

Quickly, the other Replicant reached out, ripping down Chew's Life-support coat, exposing the elderly man to the extremeties of the environment in which he works.

Roy then turned back to Chew, saying, "Questions. The Nexus Six... Longevity. Morphology. Use life. Incept Dates.

Chew then shivers, staring helplessly at Roy, saying, "PLEASE! The c-cold! Don't know that stuff. Just eyes... Just Nexus eyes. I made your eyes."

Roy grins sarcastically, responding with "If only you could see what I've seen with your eyes." He then loses the smile on his face, and says for the fourth time that day, "Questions!"

Chew the pleads with Roy, "Gimme coat...Please!" before adding "Only big genius, Tyrell know answers. C-coat...P-please."

Roy then walks slowly over to Chew, bringing his hands to Chew's freezing arms, and says in a mock-sympathetic voice, "Not an easy man to visit, Tyrell, security and all that."

Chew, finally giving in to Roy, says timidly "S-s-sebastian take you... JF Sebastian. P-please."

The next morning, Chew was found frozen to death in his place of work.

JF Sebastian


Roy sent his girlfriend, Priss, to seduce JF Sebastian. JF Sebastian fell for the bait, and Priss called Roy to come over. When he first arrived, Roy and Priss began kissing, and JF Sebastian became jealous. Roy discovered a chess board with a half-played chess game. Roy began playing it, moving his queen to f6, putting the opponents king in check. JF Sebastian walked in and told him not to move there, because the queen would be taken by a knight. Roy inquired aboutJF Sebastian's opponent, who turned out to be none other than Tyrell. He realized later that Roy and Priss were Replicants, and asked them to do something for him. The two Replicants felt this as prejudice, with Priss told JF Sebastian that "[She] thought, therefore [she is]." , but despite this, she did a flip behind her, reached her hand into a pot of boiling water, and took out one of the eggs, tossing it to JF Sebastian. Roy was able to convince JF Sebastian to take him to Tyrell.

When the two of them arrived at Tyrell's home, JF Sebastian told his boss that he moved his queen to f6. Tyrell took the bait, and took JF Sebastian's Queen. Then, after prompting from Roy, JF Sebastian checkmated Tyrell. Tyrell, surprised at the win, ask for JF Sebastian to join him so that they may speak of the game. When JF Sebastian arrived at Tyrell's room, he introduced thefamous business man to his creation, Roy. Tyrell seemed to have anticipated Roy's appearance, and ask calmly what Roy wanted. Roy told him that he wanted more life, and was told to his horror that it would be impossible. After throwing out multiple possiblilties, and each being rebuttled by the Tyrell, the creator told him that "The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long. And you have burned so very, very brightly, Roy." At this point, he seemed to have given up all hope, sitting down on the couch. He reached over, and moved in to kiss him, when his hands found Tyrell's eye sockets. He shoved the eye sockets into Tyrell's brain. He then proceeded to kill JF Sebastian, and left the building.

Tears in the Rain


When Roy returned to JF Sebastian's house, he met by Deckard, the chief Bladerunner Squad sent to kill him, and the Bladerunner Squad who had killed Zhora. To Roy's horror, Deckard also succeeded in killing Priss, making Roy the last of the Replicants he had liberated from the moon. Deckard attempted to shoot Roy and finish his work, but Roy dodged the bullet by rolling to his left. He then began taunted the would be assailant, telling him how pitiful to fire on an unarmed opponent. As he talked, he moved to the other side of the wall from Deckard, and broke thourgh it with his hand, grabbing Deckard's outstretched gun arm. He pulled the arm though the hole in the wall and took Deckard's gun from out of his hands. He proceeded to break two of Deckard's fingers, one for Zhora and one for Priss. He then handed Deckard back his gun and allowed him to pull his hand back.

Deckard attempted to run, and Roy gave him a countdown. As he was counting, Roy went to the dead body of Priss, crying over her dead body. He proceeded to use her blood to paint his features in a tribal war manner. When his countdown ended, Roy began playing his Cat and Mouse game, but something was wrong with Roy. He realized that it had been four years. He was running out of time. Trying to keep himself focused as he chased Deckard, he pushed a nail through his hand. As Deckard tried to escape through a bathroom window, Roy finally fully confronted him, shoving his head through a wall to frighten the famous Bladerunner, saying coldly "If you don't play--" He then entered the bathroom where Deckard was, he finished with "then we'll have to end it now." Deckard then, as a last resort, wielded a pipe at Roy, striking him strongly across the chest, knocking down the leader of the Replicants. Roy then laughed at Deckard and his attempt, saying almost insanely "That's the spirit!" as Deckard attempted to escape by inching his way along a ledge outside of the window. Roy looked outside, calling tauningly "Where are you going, Little man?" before following, grabbing a dove as Deckard got to the roof. Roy quickly followed, andDeckard, in one final attempt at life, tried to jump between two building, but he fell short, grabbing onto the ledge he had attempted to land on. Roy succeeded in the jump, and stood victorious over the dangling Deckard, saying maliciously to his beaten opponent, "Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it? That's what it is to be a slave!" and Deckard finally lost his grip. He was saved though by the hand of... Roy! Roy proceeded to pull the defeated member of theBladerunner Squad onto the roof. he then sank to the ground, peacefully looking at Deckard. None of the malice or anger that he had before was evident in his face, and only sadness, and kindness was evident in the Replicants.

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe." he said to Deckard calmly, "Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams ... glitter in the dark near Tanhauser Gate. All those ... moments will be lost ... in time, like tears ... in rain. Time ... to die." Roy's head then fell as his life disappeared from his security failsafe, and the dove he held, clutched in his hand, flew off into a clearing in the cloudy sky.

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