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Roxas was created when


stabbed himself with the Keyblade forged from the hearts of six of the seven Princesses of Heart and became a Heartless at Hollow Bastion to release


's heart. Roxas at first, thought he was from Twilight Town until towards the end of his summer vacation. Roxas resembles Ventus since Ventus' heart merged with Sora's. Weird people started to come around Roxas starting with the appearance of a nobody. Roxas's Twilight Town friends are Hayner, Pence, and Olette. He was originally a member of

Organization XIII

, their thirteenth member, and was able to dual wield


s. He was


's best friend before he lost his memories.

Organization XIII

Roxas was born in Twilight Town and was soon discovered by Xemnas who gave him his name and introduced to the

Organization XIII

Organization by it's leader Xemnas. Being half of Sora, (who is the carrier of Ven's heart) Roxas was able to wield the Keyblade. Roxas befriended Axel another member of the Organization. Roxas wanted to know why the Keyblade chose him so he turned on the Organization, much to the dismay of Axel. As a Nobody Roxas hardly has any original memory of himself, Sora , but develops a personality as time passes by. Each day Roxas is set to go on different missions to other worlds. After the first few days he met Axel. Everyday after Roxas is done with a mission at the end of the day Axel and him met up for sea salt ice cream at the Twilight Town clock tower usually around sunset.

Axel gets stationed to another group at Castle Oblivion leaving Roxas teaming up with Xion, the fourteenth member, for missions. Roxas eventually ends up in a coma for several weeks learning all the members at Castle Oblivion that saved Axel have been eliminated. As Sora starts to sleep to regain his memories back about his life, before he entered Castle Oblivion, Roxas starts to grow curious about wielding the Keyblade. Ironically during this time, Xion loses her ability to wield the Keyblade so Axel and Roxas try to cover for her until she remembers how to summon the Keyblade, during this time the trio becomes close friends.

Later Xion loses to a battle against Riku and distances herself from everyone so Xion can discover who she really is. She discovers that she is not a Nobody, but a "puppet" created by Xemnas from the scattered memories of Sora to serve as a similar role of Kairi. As Naminé tries to restore Sora's memories it affects Roxas and Xion as well, preventing Sora from regaining his memories. While this is happening her powers begin to become stronger while Roxas inversely grows weaker. This makes Xion want to escape the Organization. Axel and Roxas are ordered to track Xion down as she escapes so the friends are forced to fight each other. Eventually, Axel allows Xion to escape peacefully however, Roxas loses his trust in Axel as this makes him upset.

Once Roxas learns about the truth of Xion he has doubts about the Organization and his own identity. Roxas leaves the Organization while he still can leaving Axel remaining in the Organization. At Twilight Town Xion attacks Roxas trying to absorb his powers to become Sora. Xion is defeated requesting her final wish before she dies that Roxas must release Kingdom Hearts and stop Xemnas's plan before merging with Sora as one, causing everyone's memories of her to vanish as if she never existed.

Roxas returns to the castle hoping to revive Xion from the dead and to renew his friendship with Axel but along the way Riku captures him from the orders of DiZ. Riku brings Roxas to DiZ who who inserts Roxas into a virtual simulation of Twilight Town that Roxas believes is real and DiZ brainwashes his memories of the Organization so that Roxas may eventually become one with Sora and complete the restoration of his memories.

Roxas with Hence, Pence and Olette

Roxas had a lot of fun with his friends Hayner, Pence, and Olette. He had his bouts with




in the tournaments, and was always ready to take on a task given to him. He was a nice, blonde, carefree, fun kid to be around. That was why everybody knew him, and why everybody in Twilight Town knew who he was. He had a great time, but he had no idea he was actually


's nobody.


, the wielder of the legendary


. He was always having fun, too, in his far off, slightly backwater town. He never had many problems...until a lot of crimes started to be pinned on him. So, why would anybody want to get Roxas in trouble? He didn't know, but he did what he could to keep from getting in trouble everywhere he went. After finding the culprits (which really there were known, but the people foolishly believed that they had taken them in) they decided that, since summer was almost over he should probably start working on their summer project before school started.

The story of Roxas starts with 6 days, in this period, Roxas discovers and happens weird things to him.

-On the first day, is one of the most important actions in his life. First he confronts a Nobody and a Keyblade appears in a matter of time in his hand.

-On the second day, he was being watched by a black-hooded guy and grabbed his munny.

-On the third day, he meets Naminé, she appears sitting on a bench and she leaves Roxas with a word telling him she wanted to meet him at least one more time and walks away. Roxas with the curiosity follows her, but Nobodies attack him. Later there are more Nobodies and he fight them. Almost near death, darkness consumes him, but the hand of Naminé is shown and she saves him. He appears at a white mansion along with Naminé as she introduces herself and when they were starting to have a nice conversation, the black-hooded guy appears and takes him hometown.

-On the fourth day, a competition starts and Roxas wins all battles. In one fight, suddenly the place stood in a state of frozening and Axel appears, Axel introduces him as telling him that he was member of the Organization XIII and tells Roxas he must take him. Roxas leads to confusion with a lot of problems, but the Keyblade was the first doubt he had. He fights Axel, but before the battle could end, Axel leaves and the town comes back to normal. He was enjoying

his victory of winning the competition, but he still was confused about the visit Axel took. He was along with Haner, Pence and Olette eating salt sea ice-cream at the clock tower. Roxas stood up, but suddenly he felt a strange headache and he lost balance and fell. While his friends watched hm worried and scared, he thought what was going to happen to him. Thinking the first thing that came to his head, he calls out for Naminé, but instead, curiously someone else answered instead... Kairi. At that precise moment Kairi, had a strong headache and almost faints, but because of Roxas appearing in his room before he touched the floor and suffering the fall, she does not faint.

-On the fifth day, they had a summer project of school, about knowing which were the seven mysteries in Twilight Town. They finished six of them and the seventh was to enter the Old Haunted Mansion.

Haunted Mansion

Pence tells Roxas that a mysterious girl lived there. Roxas falls into a trance and faints and he awakes at the white room were Naminé introduced herself. Roxas noticed that Naminé wasn't there so he explores the room. He sees drawings (made by Naminé which he noticed) about a spiky-hair boy with a Keyblade that took his interest, he moved slowly, he looked at every picture with detail, he looked the spiky-hair again with a red-hair girl and a taller white hair boy. Naminé shows up and the conversation started simple, but later Naminé tells too much information that changes and affects Roxas life. She told him her origin and Roxas`s too. She says they were nobodies both of them. She told they were never meant to exist and also tells Axel was his best friend. Roxas doesn`t like the idea and gets angry. Naminé apologizes and due to his interruption, Roxas was transported to his hometown.

When the sixth day arrived, Roxas wakes up and his friends ignored him. He taught it was rude of them and without an explanation but slowly he understood, his friends couldn't see him. Axel appears and Roxas told him they were best friends. Roxas really scared, runs to the mansion to meet Naminé. They had a final conversation and Roxas started to fell something deep for her and Naminé too. She tells him she wanted to meet him again, one last time and they made a promise. altough they won`t recognize each other, they`ll meet again. They had their good moment until a masked man called DiZ

takes Naminé away and tells her she gave too much information and Naminé tells him that they won`t disappear and before she could finish her words, she vanishes. Roxas shouts for her, but she had already been taken.

Roxas decides to explore the mansion confused about why that man took Naminé. He explored the mansion and Axel shows up again and they fight. Axel


vanishes and Roxas continue to walk. He enters a room and looks at a capsule, in that capsule there was someone... Sora sleeping. It was the first time Roxas saw his other part: Sora. He watched him for a long time and now he understood what Naminé meant with "Nobodies" and Roxas saw his other part sleeping. He gives him to complete Sora and now Sora will fight another evil part.

When the problem about

Sora and Organization XIII , Roxas thought it was time to know him (Sora) so he could know who he really was. But after seeing the death of Axel (his friend) through Sora, he looses control and an inner and physical battle in Sora and Roxas starts, but Sora wins the inner and physical battle.

Roxas and Naminé joining Sora and Kairi

At last, when the battle ends, he decides with Namine to join his originals,

so they can be completed and they saw that the nobodys didn't really have to fall in to darkness and vanishing, so they unite. At last when Sora and Kairi meets at Destiny Islands and they exchange smiles beetwen them, Sora's face shows Roxas's and Namine in Kairi's showing that between Sora and Kairi, Roxas and Namine there was happiness.

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