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I've been trying to upload some images of stuff that I make, but Comicvine's been crashing all day. I'll try one more time but barring this last effort, I'll try again tomorrow.

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Here are images of my craft thingies in my "images sent to friends" gallery. I make these and then give them to the artists. Most of them are glow-in-the-dark.

Among the recipients have been: Jason Pearson, James Jean (I did a whole little wooden barn for him with animals inside), Arthur Suydam and Charlie Vess.

"Batbox" (closed) using images from BATMAN: YEAR 100

"Batbox" (open)

Mark Ryden meat Madonna rosary

X-box using illustrations by John Cassaday, colored by Laura Martin

Grouping of crafts

Vampirella valentine box. Art by Mike Mayhew.

Shadowbox frame

X-box (open)

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