Hollywood producer makes comic book debut

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Back in the 90's, comic book fans and creators used to communicate on a thing called Compuserve and I was a member of the Comics Forum.

There was a fan who was also a member named Don Murphy. He was a Hollywood producer and huge Alan Moore enthusiast.  AAMOF, he was in the process of trying to make a movie out of FROM HELL. Apparently, his lawyers were already hard at work to make the deal, but Don had never even spoken to Alan, so he got this idea about how he could sweeten the deal and get Alan on board.

He sent me an email with his phone number, telling me that we needed to talk. In said email, he explained who he was and why I was the one that he was targeting. He wrote that while lurking on the forum, he noticed that I spoke to Alan from time to time on the phone, since we worked on several projects together.

I called his office, expecting his secretary to take my number, so Mr. Murphy could call me at his convenience. Instead, as soon as I gave my name, she said, "PLEASE HOLD" and Don was on the line in a flash. The first thing he said to me was, "What is Alan's number?"  "Aaaah..." I responded, "I can't do that, but the next time I speak to him, I'll tell him that and ASK him if it's O.K. to give you that information."

The next thing to come out of his mouth was, "Tell Alan I'll give him a million dollars to come to Hollywood and be a consultant on the set. Tell Eddie he can have a million too. Just get them to come out here."

Anyway...long story short, the movie was made. Alan DIDN'T go to Hollywood. And Don is one of the stars of the parody comic, WATCHMENSCH, now on the racks! (He appears on pages 7 & 8.)

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