Can you credit yourself for adult comics?

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I lettered a number of graphic novels back in the 90s for NMB and Tundra publishing that were either flat-out "adult" comics or European translations with a lot of nudity. Most of the covers were tame enough, but can I even make pages for these volumes considering their content? One of the best was A Night a Moorish Harem for Tundra, where I lettered Eddie Campbell, Coleen Doran and a number of my other favorites. However that one even has nudity on the cover. Can I just put a black band-aid over the offending parts or are these comics just to dicey to bother with?

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If you're thinking of adding them to CV, then I'd say 'no'.  CV is still a family site, so it's better to er on the side of caution.  Especially if something was drawn purposefully to be erotic, as the poses etc might be just as suggestive as the nudity itself.

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I didn't think it was a good idea, but I thought I'd ask anyway since Aztek keeps trying to get me to credit myself for stuff (which I don't like to do anyway...too many steps.)

O.K. Now it's time for me to scan some more sketches. This week it's back to actual artists again.
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Adult comics has been on the site since it's creation. It's perfectly fine to add them.

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Comic book sites should have comic books... especially the sexy ones.

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@Roxanne Starr: If you mean work that you've done... that should be up.  It's a tricky area, since there are characters with swear words in their names... CV could do with a restricted zone 
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I've started a survey. Let's see how it goes.

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