What will be in Rose Wilsons future, will she get her own series?

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Rose Wilson has been one of my favorite characters in the DCU and have followed the development of her character for a long time.

Now with the relaunch and the changes made to her, I am kind of on the edge on how how I feel about those changes.But even though I feel this way, I can see that this might be a foundation for something big to happen that will change the way she sees and does things.

While at the moment the way she is portrayed in the issues of Superboy and Legion Lost (especially Legion Lost #9) leaves me to believe she is being controlled in someway and as is usually the norm that control will be broken (Hopefully). which then could lead to her own series or at the very least a series where she play a major part.

One of the series I am expecting her to play a part in (how big, we'll have to wait and see) would be The Ravagers (The Team) starting on the 30th May 2012. The only other thing I can say, is if she does get her own series (I hope she does), I would see her more of an anti-hero, not to the extent of the Punisher, but slightly similar to how she was before the relaunch.

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Greetings fellow Rose fan! I'm a long time fan of her myself (as you can tell by my name).

From the information revealed to us so far, we know that she will be going into The Ravagers series, first as one of the team's primary antagonists, along with Warblade, though there is the possibility of her later joining the team (this is mostly rumors/speculation, but it seems likely). Mackie has stated that the series is as much about Rose and Warblade as it is the other characters, and that Rose's full history and origin will be covered in its pages. From what I'm predicting of this information, she'll probably be mostly in The Ravagers for a while, hopefully as an eventual member of the team. I've always thought that she should get her own series (especially after the great back up feature she starred in several years ago in the previous Teen Titans series). As for whether or not she will get her own eventual ongoing series (I hope she does), can't say for sure. Until then, I have my own ongoing Ravager fan-fic to keep me entertained.

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I dont think rose can handle her own series. I think itll be better to place her in a team book. Sales might be able to sustain it longer then.
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Thanks Ravager4, glad to here it. I really do hope her joining the team will turn out to be true, as I can never see her as a villain. (fingerscrossed)

Sorry for the delay

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I LOVE ROSE!!!!! I wish she did have her own comic series like whatever it was called Fresh Hell (?) I bought that book and it was amazing! I totally think she could handle her own series, but as long as I'm seeing her in comics I'm happy! :)

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