Soooo I'm a little lost...

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She good or bad? She's gone through sooo many storylines that I don't even know where she is now@_@. One minute she's good then she's bad. She went to the good guys then she went back to the bad guys. She had a drug addiction then she's brainwashed. I've heard so many stories. And I don't have a comicbook shop^^; near where I live. And the book stores we have don't have their graphic novels in order.

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Right now shes a 'good' girl with the teen titans and superboy may have a slight thing for her
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She flip-flops. There's a LARGE unaccounted chunk of her history right now between Alaska (or wherever the hell she ran off to when she was high), Darkest Night, and current comics. Somewhere between Alaska (we're just calling it Alaska) and Darkest Night she slept with Red Star...Somewhere between Darkest Night and Teen Titans #88 she was invited back to the Teen Titans for the like, 14th time. I wish that the writers would fill in the blanks for us. I mean in Alaska she had decided to kill again. And now she's a Teen Titan and just changed her mind once more? Or maybe they're trying to imply that Rose just does whatever it is she wants.

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Sorry to bump this, but I'm wondering why they had her tell Cyborg that she isn't like Terra then goes and basically does the same thing. She joins them betrays, them, and then rejoins them. The only difference I see is she started off bad before she joined them.

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  @MichonneHack27:  I Rose is a bit complex character...she's trying find her own path. (Trying ordering comics on Amazon)

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She's like all girls with daddy issues. Allllll f'd up.

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@Gambler: Pretty much. Makes for an interesting character though. 
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@The Dark Huntress:  Makes for a great character. Although I like her better as a rogue wandering ronin type.
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@Gambler: Oh I know. Characters with daddy issues is my forte, remember? ;) I haven't read enough of her to say what I like her better as. Dropped Teen Titans after I couldn't stand McKone's art anymore. Plan on picking it up again though, Eclipse was kind enough to give me a good restarting point. 
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she's a pretty cool chic

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