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So, Rose Wilson, AKA Ravager, has been around for twenty years now, first appearing back in October 1992. While she just started off as Deathstroke's love child, she really grew and developed into an awesome character all her own! After two decades of appearances, she is a badass of the highest order, and has some awesome showings to back it up. This thread is dedicated to all of her badassity (which is only one part of why she's such an awesome character). I've managed to gather scans from most, if not all, of her significant appearances since she first debuted, but if I've missed any please feel free to add some! I've also arranged them in chronological order, as well listing her approzimate age at the time, to get a better understanding of just what an awesome fighter she is.

Note that this does not include her New 52 feats, as those are covered in my Rose Wilson New 52 Feat List.


Approx. age: 14

Even when kidnapped, Rose shows retains her cool and shows no pain or fear, while managing to free herself.

Running for her life, Rose takes the fight to her uncle, Wade DeFarge, and shows no mercy in the wake of her mother's death.

Still grieving, Rose takes a walk and settles her nerves by beating the tar out of some thugs.

No one threatens kids while Rose is around.

Rose displays her precognitive abilities for the first time, by seeing into the future.

Approx. age: 15

While training with the Titans, Rose shows off her skill.

When push comes to shove, Rose shows a cold ruthlessness and brutality.

Rose is given the same serum as her father, giving her the same enhanced speed, strength, reflexes, healing, etc. (Though this scan came much later, it took place here as far as in-universe chronology).

Rose makes her debut as the new Ravager.

Though inexperienced, Ravager gives Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), a worthy fight. Although Ravager ultimately loses the fight, Batgirl acknowledges that she will only get better (which she does. A lot).

Approx. age: 16

Deathstroke forces Nightwing (who is posing as a villain at the time) to train his daughter. Under his tutelage, Rose learns a variety of skills and values, and learns that her father is only using her, prompting her to finally run away and be free from his control.

Approx. age: 17

Ravager defends against a rampaging Cyborg.

Rose (partially intoxicated at the time) fights with Wonder Girl before being pulled away by Cyborg.

Ravager saves the rest of the Teen Titans.

Ravager shows off her skill and some of her enhanced attributes.

Ravager gets her rematch with Batgirl, ending with the advantage before the fight is interrupted.

Ravager easily evades Starro-controlled Rampage and Livewire, then helps free them with Kid Devil.

Ravager shows off some acrobatics.

Ravager sets a trap for, and captures, Batgirl and Marquee.

Ravager manhandles Copperhead, Dreadbolt, and Persuader, shows off how strong her precog ability is, and gives it her all to defend her home.

Ravager sneaks into the Terror Titans' hideout.

Ravager to the rescue!

Ravager defeats Fever, the former Dark Side Club chamption, in one kick.

Ravager stomps the Terror Titans (Copperhead, Dreadbolt, Persuader, and Disruptor) in what she calls 'a warm up'. (To put that into perspective, the Terror Titans previously defeated the team of Aquagirl, Terra, Offspring, Molecule, Zacharay Zatara, and Star Spangled Kid, as seen below).

Ravager defeats TNTeena.

Ravager defeats Aquagirl.

Ravager holds her own against a bloodlusted Static, and shows little actual damage in spite of taking a direct hit (Also apparently loses the fight, even though she wasn't hurt... I guess rules say you lose if you get knocked down?)

Ravager defeats Clock King (whose precognitive abilities surpass even her own).

With some prep, Ravager defeats both Bombshell and then Wonder Girl in short order.

Don't get on Rose's bad side, if you know what's good for you.

Ravager foresees an attack on her hideout, makes a brutal counter attack, and then escapes.

Ravager holds her breath for a very long time, while enduring subzero temperatures below the frozen lake, and makes use of survival skills to keep from freezing to death.

Ravager shows off her incredible strength by snapping her restraints (while already drugged and weakened at the time).

Her driving (and crashing) skills are top notch.

Ravager displays her superhuman agility and acrobatics to dismantle a group of slavers, and proves once again that you do not f**k with innocent women and children in her presence.

Ravager gives everything she has to save a group of captured women and children.

Ravager comes to terms with who she is, who she wants to be, and decides to live by her own personal morals.

Ravager defeats Deathstroke (who might not have been giving it his all, but still).

Ravager, along with Deathstroke, holds her own against Black Lanterns.

Approx. age: 18

Ravager and Robin lay the smackdown on a horde of crazed zombie kids.

Ravager easily outfights Persuader and Indigo.

Evil Superboy clone? No problem.

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what the hell, where did all the caption descriptions go? >.<

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They don't show up on thumbnails. :o This looks amazing though! When I'm on my laptop I'll have to peruse it more thoroughly.

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@Joygirl: I'm going to have to write them out separately then, I forbid you to look at this until I'm done!

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@Joygirl: Okay, it's fixed... really wish I could center them all, though.

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Livewire... who moves at light speed and cannot be touched... does her jobbing know no bounds? D: This is a hell of an effort though, I need to start reading some more of her.

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@Joygirl: Livewire is the DC community punching bag. This is common knowledge.

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Wow dude this is pretty cool. :)

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@Delphic: thanks!

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Lovely lady bumpz

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epic and she seems even more of a forced to be reckoned with in the new 52.

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