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Early Life

Rose was born to Jackie and Pete Tyler, raised by her mother because unfortunately not long after Rose's birth Pete was hit by a car and died shortly after, his last moments were spent with a mysterious young women (who would later turn out to be Rose herself). When she was young the only time she ever traveled was on a school trip to France and an annual trip to South Wales with her mother. Though unknown to the family Captain Jack Harkness would sometimes watch Rose grow up from afar, never interacting. By the age of 19 Rose and Jackie were living in flat 48, Bucknall House, Powell Estate in South London. She was working as a shop assistant in Henrik's Department Store on Regent Street whilst her mum was working at home as a hairdresser.

First meeting with The Doctor

Rose: New Years Day 2005
Rose first meets The Doctor on January 1st 2005 just after midnight. It is the 10th Doctor in his final moments of life wishing to see her one last time before he regenerates. He asks her what year it is to which she replies. He says 'I bet you're going to have a really great year' prophesying her meeting with the Ninth doctor to come. She leaves to return to her flat and the Doctor, cringing in pain, makes his way, with effort, back to the TARDIS, ready to die.

Rose and the Ninth Doctor

The Ninth Doctor and Rose
Rose first meets the ninth doctor when he sav es her from attacking mannequins. After he saves her he returns her home. After that she began searching the internet for information about a strange man, she found Clive Finch. He was a man that had been tracking The Doctor's appearances on Earth. Rose later finds the Doctor and sees him being attacked by two of the killer mannequins. She frees him and he saves the Earth. Rose now joins the doctor on the TARDIS. By doing this she left her mother and boyfriend on Earth. Seeing how she missed her family The Doctor "upgraded" her cell phone so that she could call anyone across both time and space. During their first trip she witnessed the final day of Earth before it would be caught in a supernova. Later the Doctor and Rose found out about a devious plan in which the Daleks invade the Earth in the year 200,100. The Doctor thought that he would die, so he sent Rose home. Somehow Rose broke into the TARDIS and looked into its very heart. which let her which somehow turned her into a goddess like thing and gave her god like powers. With these powers she destroyed the Daleks fleet. It was later reveled that by looking into the heart of the TARDIS and turning into this goddess like thing she was destroying her body on a cellular level. The doctor not wanting her to die took the lethal energies into his body "killing" him in the process.

Rose and the Tenth Doctor

The Tenth Doctor and Rose
With the "new" Doctor on their first visit was to "New Earth" where Rose was forced to hide her mind for Lady Cassandra to take over her body. She uses Rose's body to kiss the Doctor. When Rose gains control over he body again Rose tells the Doctor waht she did to her and the Doctor tries to save both Rose and Casandra but Casandra knows that she should have died ling ago and releases her mind effectually killing her. Sometime later the Doctor took her back to her home where she met the Doctor's former traveling companion Sarah Jane Smith. This caused tension and jealously but sometime later they both resolve it and become friends. Although they both become friends she later worries that the doctor would do the same thing to her that he did to Sarah, abandon her. On a parallel Earth Rose meets her father(who in her home universe had died when she was young). During this time she is witnesses to cyber-conversion and the death of her mother of that universe. The doctor saves that universe from the Cybermen. On/Off boyfriend Mickey Smith decides to stay in the parallel world to seek out more factories and help his parallel
grandmother.This leaves Rose devastated. The next time we see Rose is during "The Idiots Lantern". Her and the Doctor aim to visit Elvis but end up in 1950's Lond on where a local television retailer is selling televisions suspiciously cheap. Rose is hot on the trail of the mystery which leads to her face being removed by The Wire and stored in a television set. The sight of a faceless Rose sends the Doctor into a rage and he stops The Wire grabbing more faces via televisions during the coronation of Elizabeth II. Rose's face is restored.
Their next adventure sends them to a planet orbiting a blac k hole. A feat which is scientifically impossible.
Rose and The Doctor in 1950's London
There they meet a group of human scientists investigating the phenomena with their Ood servants. One by one the Ood are mind controlled  by a nefarious entity claiming to be the devil. This satan possesses one of the humans and attempts to flee the planet back to earth as consciousness. The Doctor travels down into the planet and destroys the demon's body while Rose shoots the Satan's consciousness into the vacuum of space. Reunited the Doctor and Rose are next seen traveling to London to meet with Rose's mother, Jackie. Here they find a club called LINDA who are determined to track down the Doctor. One of its members, Elton Pope attempts to get close to Jackie to do this which leads him to a confrontation with Rose.  Her next trip is to the 2012 London Olympics where a young child, possessed by an isolus is stealing people and putting them in drawings. The Doctor is captured this way and Rose is left to save him. She finds the pod the isolus came to Earth is and applies heat so it has the energy to launch itself back into space. The victims are released and the Doctor carries the Olympic torch to its final stop in the stadium. 
Rose at Bad Wolf Bay
Rose's final adventure as a companion is when 'ghosts' start appearing in the world. Torchwood are examining a breach in between the parallel world s which is allowing these ghosts though. Rose infiltrates Torchwood and finds a void sphere which created the breach. It opens to reveal the Dalek Cult of Skaro. The Ghosts are revealed to be parallel cybermen making their way to this reality after being hunted to extinction on their parallel world. The Daleks have a prison ship that sends millions of Daleks over London. To send all Daleks and Cybermen back into the nothingness the Doctor plans to open the breach and the void stuff that coats anyone who has passed into a parallel world will be pulled in. He sends Rose and her mother to another world to be safe but Rose returns instantly. They each hold onto an anti gravity clamp and pull the levers that will open the breach. The plan works before Rose's lever malfunctions and the breach starts closing. She lets go of the anti gravity clamp and puts the lever back in place. She is starting to be pulled in herself until her alternate father jumps in and teleports her to her mother. The Doctor finds a dying sun and uses its energy to send across a goodbye message to Bad Wolf Bay in the parallel world. 
Rose begins working for Torchwood and uses them to create a dimension canon so she can return home. The canon doesn't
Rose Returns
actually start working until Davros begins breaking down reality. She begins her journey to find the Doctor through Time and Space. She appears on the Tardis visualizer and on the television on the Planet Midnight. She meets Donna Noble just as she is about go traveling with the Doctor. When one of the Trickster's Brigade creates a parallel world where Donna never met the Doctor Rose assumes his role and sets into motion a way to restore the universe. Donna must sacrifice herself but before she dies Rose tells her two words. 'BAD WOLF'. Donna wakes as from a dream and tells the Doctor what she remembers. When he hears the words he realizes Rose is returning. He rushes to the Tardis and finds all writing has become 'BAD WOLF' repeating and the Tardis cloister bell is ringing. 
Rose rescues Wilf from a Dalek
He rushes to Earth to find nothing wrong. While he and Donna are in the Tardis the Earth disappears from under them. Rose appears on the Earth and sees the planets appearing in the sky and heads to discover what is happening. When the Daleks send out a message to Earth she goes to find Donna's family in the hope Donna and the Doctor will return to check on them. Rose joins with the companions in sending a signal through space to the Doctor so he can track down the Earth. Once he arrives she can lock her teleport onto the Tardis. When they find each other they run full speed through the streets to hug until a stray Dalek takes aim at the doctor and 'exterminates' him. He falls down in the street before being bungled in to the Tardis where he starts regenerating. The Doctor siphons the excess regeneration energy into the hand he had lost during his first Christmas. He and Rose then reunite properly.
The Doctor must leave Rose and the Human version of himself on the parallel earth. He leaves them in Bad Wolf Bay.
The Doctor and Rose are then taken prisoner by the Daleks and placed with Darvos.  Everyone is freed when Donna having absorbed the powers of a Time Lord and the Clone-Doctor depower the Daleks, return the planets to their rightful orbits and destroy the main ship, killing all the Daleks and Darvos.  Rose helps the other Companions and the 2 Doctors in towing Earth back to its orbit around our Sun.  The Companions leave in groups and singularly.  Rose is then returned along with Jackie to the parallel universe where she asks both Doctors to finished the statement they started in "Doomsday".  The Time Lord doesn't say the words but his half human Clone does, then Rose and him kiss.                                                            

Rose Tyler in Comics

Rose Tyler was a main character in the Doctor Who Magazine monthly comic while she was a regular in the Tardis. She also appears in spin off comics by Panini such as in the Doctor Who: Storybook 2007. She has since appeared as a cameo Easter egg in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 during the No Future For You arc with the Doctor. Rose appears with the Ninth Doctor in Doctor Who: The Forgotten when they go to the World War One trenches. Whether these stories happen in the continuity of the TV series is disputed but they are not contradictory.

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