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Rose and James, Wolverine's first Love

Rose is the beautiful redheaded Irish girl whom lived in the late 19th century and who came to live at the Howlett's mansion after the death of her parents. She was twelve years old when she first arrived and became James Howlett's constant companion. Originally, she became friends with James (Wolverine) Howlett and Dog Logan a boy whom was the son of the groundskeeper of the estate. However, as they aged, Rose and James grew apart from Dog Logan. Dog became more and more aggressive and started having sexual feelings towards Rose. After many unanswered and unwanted advances to Rose, Dog eventually tried to rape her. The attempt failed, but the two incidents caused, James' father, John, to fire Dog's father, Thomas Logan.

Angered by his being fired, Dog's father broke into the Howlett's property with his son and ordered Dog to keep the Howlett's under gunpoint. The scene escalates and John Howlett is killed by Dog's father. In turn, the young James kills Dog's father and severely wounds Dog. Rose, not knowing what to do, takes a James away, leaving the estate. When the police arrive, Dog blames the whole thing on Rose and James.


Rose O'Hara was created by Frank Tieri and Sean Chen and first appeared shadowed in Wolverine issue 166 (2001) and first appeared fully in Origin issue 1, where she was further developed by Paul Jenkins, Joe Quesada and Andy Kubert.

Major Story Arcs

On the Run

Rose and James in their new lives

After being accused of the murders in the mansion, Rose and James traveled towards James' grandfather, Old Man Howlett. He however refused to help Rose and Logan, after which the pair goes on the run again, eventually traveling to the north of Canada. Eventually they end up in a small mining community deep within Canada where they start a new life. Rose claims James is her cousin named 'Logan' and soon begin to settle in the community. Rose always had a journal by hand in which she had described the events of her life. The two remain in the camp for several years, during which Rose grows up to become a beautiful young woman. James 'Logan' Howlett feels very attracted towards here, but these romantic feelings are not mutual. Eventually, Rose falls in love with Smitty, the camp's foreman. Smitty and Rose make plans to marry and move back to the city. Much to the grief of James. During this time, a ghost from the past reveals itself. Dog Logan, their former childhood friend, had tracked the pair down to the mining community, on strict orders of Old Man Howlett whom wanted to make amends with his grandson. Dog Logan however had different ideas and soon attacked James. During the fight, Rose tries to intervene and, tragically, is stabbed and killed accidentally when she falls onto Logan's extended claws.


Rose's death had a profound impact on James 'Wolverine" Howlett, as he fled into the wilderness soon after her death, not being able to cope with this tragic loss. Rose's boyfriend Smitty tried to bring James back, telling him they could not cope with her loss apart from one another. James however refused to listen and remained in the wooded area of Canada. After Rose's death, one of the mining community's residents got a hold of Rose's journal and, after reading some passages, threw it into a fire. Thus, the story of the birth of Wolverine seemed lost forever.

Although Wolverine's memory had been erased for a long period of time, it is very likely that Logan's enormous attractions towards X-Men teammate Jean Grey, has some history with Rose, as they are both red-headed beautiful women.

Alternate Version

Earth-4011 (Wolverine The End)

For more information see Wolverine: The End

In this reality Rose is still dead but now she haunts Wolverine dreams

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