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After Nimrod and Mastermold have gone through The Siege Perilous, they reincarnated in Bastion who was taken in by Rose. Living with Rose, Bastion began to hear about America's mutant problem.  They lived in Severance, New York.

Operation: Zero Tolerance 

She was commissioned to take care for Timmy Jones, the son of Detective Charlotte Jones, after Zero Tolerance Agents kindnapped him. She told him that his mother asked her to take care for him while she got money for a better life for both of them. When Mossad agent Sabra discovered Timmy´s location, she allied with a group of X-Men, led by Iceman, and they managed to arrive to a Mansion located in Connecticut. Along with Rose and Tim, Bastion were expecting their comming and confronted them. It seems that Rose was very afraid of Bastion and she criticized of his attitude and actions, her speech touched Bastion so Marrow took the oportunity and attacked Rose but she was stopped by Iceman. All these actions led to the final showdown. Finally Bastion is defeated and Rose was attended by Cecilia


She appears in Cable / Machine Man annual 98, when Bastion escaped from his prison and went to her home at New York, she talked with him about to be a good person regardless his form or shape and she will ever be with him as a mother, but during their chat they were attacked and Rose got shot and died. Bastion seeing his mother died transformed and elimanted any humanity that left in him.

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