Fav Character from New Who

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I am in love with Rory. every episode just makes him more my favorite. Overall I haven't loved the 11th doctors run, I missed Rose, Donna and Jack to much. But Rory is really making the show for me now.

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It's nice now that they've stopped killing him every episode, but it was questionable when he felt the need to tell everyone "I'm a nurse!". But I really love Rory. He brings out the mushy romantic fan-girl in me :)

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@xerox_kitty: I really feel for him. I mean ever since "A good man goes to war" he really stepped up. The whole lone Centurian thing did wonders for him. Lets kill Hitler was great for him (The whole "He's gay" thing was so brutal to watch) and The Girl Who Waited was fantastic.

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@jordama: Rory has evolved from 'dorky friend who you'd be embarrassed to admit to knowing, let alone dating' to 'husband material that any romantic an-girl could only dream of marrying'. *siiiigh*

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Rory is amazing. Punched Hitler in the face, locked him in the cupboard, forced Cybermen to watch their entire fleet explode. ETC. Love him. He's an example of how bad@ss one can grow to be after a few trips with The Doctor.

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I'm not into redheads, but something about Amy Pond.....

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@ThanoStomp: I actually got tired of her, she lacks the same spark that past companions had in my opinion.

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@InnerVenom123 said:

Punched Hitler in the face, locked him in the cupboard

Exactly! How can you not love him?! ;)

@jordama: Really? Oh I like Amy. I actually expected to hate her when the last series started, but I really do love her. Maybe not as much as Donna Noble (who had the crappiest send off ever) but I love the Amy & Rory double Companionship :)

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@xerox_kitty: She just isn't as brilliant as Donna, she doesn't have the spark that Rose did, and even Martha had more umph.

Amy is just there, I loved older Amy from the girl who waited, I felt so much for that character.

I think Donna had the worst possible ending but I think it really tied everything together, she saved the cosmos and went back to her life pre-doctor. She has the normal life. Rose's life was shock to the fondation and Martha went all military, Donna got to be normal and have a normal life. I still love her to death, best damn temp in Chisek

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I only just watched the last two episodes... Rory seems pretty boss.

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@jordama: Sorry, I still don't see why so many guys love Rose. She was a chav horse with too much lipstick. Martha was wonderful, Mickey was starting to shine, Sarah Jane was a stunning classic, Donna was brash & fun. But Rose.... so over-hyped. I'm glad that they've finally ditched the ghost of Rose, constantly haunting as the Doctor's long-lost would-be love really dragged the series down.

But if Donna is the character I can empathise with now, then Amy is the character I would have associated more with *cough* *cough* years ago. She's fun & brash like Donna, but with a younger spirit & still a lot of innocence. Although she did give birth to River Song, and I don't think I can ever forgive her for that...

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I actually couldn't agree more about Rose. Series One and Series Two had some great episodes but I was glad when Rose left because Martha was awesome and then we got one of the Doctor's best companions, Donna. I was still sad that we had to say goodbye to Rose because she was a character I did like but she kind of did have to go. She was great but her romance with The Doctor was getting kind of annoying.Donna had such a great time with The Doctor and it's sad that she had to have her memories with The Doctor erased because I liked her and I liked grandfather Wilfred Mott. I hate to compare Moffat's version to Davies' version because they feel like two different shows. Davies' show was great and all but I prefer Moffat's take on the show as a "dark fairy tale" as he put it. However Amy & Rory are probably my favorite companions The Doctor has ever had. I'm still sad that we can't see anymore of Sarah Jane because Elisabeth Sladen rocked.

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Sounds like a nice character. Should continue watching Dr Who.

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like the doctor. hate rory. guess cuz i'm a guy and he's soo whipped i'm feeling like my genitalia are in her purse. amy pond has nothing the old companions had. no spark. she's just obsessed with the doctor. no real quality to her. and her daughter.... at first she was interesting, but with all the different meetings in time it's getting tiresome and lame. tennant was THE MAN. FREAKING COOL.

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mmmmmmm, Amy. Would time travel with the fiery red-head any time!

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I really like how in this series Rory is being built up as a character while Amy is having her world ripped apart. There is almost a swapping of power going on.

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Punching Hitler and locking him in a closet will put you up there in Epicness :P

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@CrimsonAvenger said:

I'm still sad that we can't see anymore of Sarah Jane because Elisabeth Sladen rocked.

Yes, when the new episodes of Sarah Jane Adventures air, it will be both happy to see her again & yet tinged with terrible sadness.
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Rory has been the best actor of the lot so far, I'm not massively taken with the 'new era' it all just fell a bit flat for me but the episodes where he has a lot to do really are a joy to watch.

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