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Roron is 6'1" and weighs 200 pounds.


Roron is strong with the force and can perform a guttural roar that rivals the power of the force in performing a blast. Roron couples his natural ability with the force and can easily rip through walls with his sonic screech.

Roron developed great mental abilities by meditating with the force. He became very persuasive without the force and together with the force he can mind trick almost anyone.

Roron is an expert lightsaber fighter and a wise leader also.


Roron was on a mission with Shaak Ti and Foul Moudama to protect Supreme Chancellor Palpatine during the attack at Coruscant. Palpatine got to safety, while Roron, Shaak, and Foul were fighting General Grievous. Grevious out fought them all and killed Roron and Foul. He left Shaak Ti as a message to the jedi, in an effort to strike fear into the Jedi Order.

Known Masters:
Yarael Poof

Known Apprentices:
Drake Lo'Gaan

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