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Green Lantern
Status: Active
Space Sector: 1234
Sector Partner: Unknown
Homeworld: Rojira

Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Inapplicable


Rori Stroh was born on Rojira, one of the most scientifically advanced civilizations in the universe. His parents named him after Rori Dag, one of the founding Green Lanterns, and Rori Stroh does his best to live up to his namesake. His ongoing experiments with black holes have caused waves in the scientific community, some claiming he is playing with forces bigger than the Guardians of the Universe themselves. If they allowed themselves to feel emotion, the Guardians would find this humorous.  Rori Stroh served the Green Lantern Corps during the Power War, repelling the Qwardian Invasion of Oa, and it is assumed he was active during the Sinestro Corps War, as well.

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