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Rorgg on Earth

Rorgg's plan.

Rorgg, king of the spider men, invaded a small New Mexican town with at least six of his followers. The spider men entrapped the town in their webs. Despite the townspeople's efforts, the webs could not be cut as they were harder than steel. Rorgg then boasted of how he would conquer the Earth. When the townspeople fought back, Rorgg ordered their deaths. Rorgg was defeated by fourteen year-old Tim Johnson, who sprayed Rorgg in the face with DDT, apparently killing him. After seeing their leader fall, the remaining spider men retreated back to their home planet in fear.


Rorgg was created by Stan Lee, Dick Ayers, and Jack Kirby. In his first appearance Rorgg and the other spider men were dark-blue. In subsequent appearances (and reprints) they were more orange in color.

Mayor Story Arcs

Rorgg Vs. The Fantastic Four

Rorgg trying to eat Sue Storm.

In modern times, Rorgg's body was acquired by artist, Frank Johnson, who put it on display along with the bodies of the Two-Headed Thing, the Blip, and Grottu. The monster were revived by the Aztec Yucoya-Tzin to battle the Fantastic Four while he kidnapped Johnson. Rorgg attacked the Invisible Woman and almost swallowed her, but she avoided death by using her force field to create a bubble. Ant-Man, Thing, Human Torch, and the Invisible Woman then combined their powers to stop Rorgg.

Journey Into Mystery

Powers and Abilities

In spite being called spider men, Rorgg and the rest of his kind have six limbs (two arms and four legs) and move by crawling about. Rorgg had incredible strength and was shown demolishing a house. He could also generate webbing from his mouth that he could shoot at the speed of light. Rorgg and the spider men could use these webs to travel to other worlds.

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