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 Griffon Ramsey
Though the production company consists of mainly of Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Matt Hullum, Joel Heyman, Nathan Zellner, Jason Saldana, Gus Sorola, and others the Comic is the brainchild of Griffon Ramsey and Luke McKay
 Luke McKay
The comic is based off the antics (all fairly fictional) that take place day-to-day at the Rooster Teeth office in Austin, Texas. The characters of the comic are based off of the staff, namely Geoff and Gus, though Burnie, Matt, and Joel are usual frequent in the comics.  
Parodies are also numerous as the comic jabs at celebrities like Lady Gaga, video games (mostly the Halo franchise), superheroes, and movies.  
Later, the comics were collected into TPBs for the first three years.  
Year One consisted of the early comics beginning in 2006.  The comic began in 2006 with the first web-strip entitled Gus-Man. It featured Geoff and Gus discussing a special utility belt. They featured Gus's intense anger issues, Matt dying and ultimately coming back, Geoff's drinking and departure from reality in general, Brunie's bossiness, Jason's slacking, and the prank wars. The first year also raised the great Pie vs Cake debate, and looked into Matt's friendship with the Devil after hanging out in Hell
Lil' Vince was introduced for the first time; the living Viva Pinata character latching on to Jason's face and laying eggs inside him. The two developed a strange bond where Lil' Vince was kept as a pet and Jason sneezed candy...which Burnie ate. 
 Burnie is Ground Pounded
In Year Two; Geoff walked around for an entire day with a tampon in his nose, Jason caught what he thought to be the Darkness (it turned out to be much worse), Joel's Xbox was revealed to be a Transformer, Burnie grew a beard, Luke was sent to jail, Gavino got to go home to England after months of mistreatment, Halo parodies began to forge into the series, as did World of Warcraft. Gus and Geoff were nearly in a plane crash, but Gus never got to reveal his true feelings for his best friend. Meanwhile, Griffon faced off with the companies French employee, Nico; Matt helped the Devil move, Burnie got ground pounded by Iron Man, Batman got to vent to Alfred about the Joker stealing his limelight in the Dark Knight, and Matt shackled the new intern, Ben, to his desk. 
 Joel cashes in on Twilight
In Year Three; Geoff and Gus are mean to Nathan, Matt gives Gus the Devil's number so that Gus can sic the Devil on his wife (luckily he has a change of heart), Burnie gets busted for having an illegal pinata mill (Viva Pinata), Matt has Geoff pose for a "LOL cat" picture, Gavino faces the terror of having to shoot a cereal commercial, the RT staff celebrate Christmas in their own special ways, Left4Dead and Skate. 3 parodies abound, Griffon digs into the guys' embarrassing pasts, Geoff gets into a fight with Mr. Potato head, and Super Gus makes an appearance. 
Also Iron Man and Spider-Man discuss the Marvel/Disney merger, with angry, drunken consequences; Gus begins geek rehabilitation after suffering the great outdoors, Geoff's binge drinking is ever present, the gang celebrates 500 comics (without Luke or Griffon), Jason is sent to Rooster Teeth North because of H1N1, Joel decides to make the best of the Twilight/Vampire craze. Nathan gets hyped up by the Avatar trend, Jason goes on tour with his band, New Year's resolutions are made, Geoff and Nathan reach a friendly understanding, Lady Gaga passes out, Jack (from Achievement Hunter) makes his debut, Iron Man informs War Machine of the "Ground Pound Burnie" rule, and everyone learns about the Gus Effect, wherein people too close to Gus's proximity age more quickly, feeling the effects of his anger towards world. 
When the comic was started Burnie requested that Luke not draw him fat. Other than that the comic has plagued the other staff members, particularly Jason, mercilessly. The British interns, Ben and Gavino, are used and abused. Burnie had to choose between his cat staying or his wife (ultimately Finch, the cat, ended up at the office) and then forgot completely about his adopted child which he used to increase his gamerscore. He'd heard it worked for Angelina Jolie.
The Rooster Teeth is a webcomic, but TPBs are available through the Rooster Teeth Store. Rooster Teeth Productions was founded in 2004.

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