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Ronan is a native of Sateda which is an industrialized planet. Though not much is known about his childhood he did have a grandfather who was suffering from the earth equivalent of Alzheimer's disease. He and his grandfather were taken to a shrine where his grandfather was temporarily cured. While there his grandfather taught him everything he knew about combat and tactics until he died. When he grew up he became a member of the Satedan military. There he met a woman named Milena. The exact nature of the relationship remains unknown. Though when John Sheppard asked if he had a wife he answered "close enough".

The Wraith Invasion On Sateda

Defending his planet

Years before contact with the Atlantis Expedition the Wraith invaded his planet because his people showed resistance. Sometime later his was captured by the Wraith while they destroyed his planet. The Wraith saw his potential and did not feed on his. Instead they made him a "runner". Implanting a tracking device is his back and set loose to be hunted by the Wraith for their entertainment. This lasted for years and during that time he learned new tricks so that he hunted them. He stayed alive for seven years until he finally met the Atlantis team.

Enter Atlantis Expedition

He first encountered the Atlantis team he captured John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan, who were then tracking Adien Ford. He made a deal with the two if Dr. Beckeet could take out the tracking device he would help them find Ford. Beckett took out the device but a Wraith attack prevented them from capturing Ford. Still needing a "home" he returned to Atlantis with them. He later found out that he wasn't the only member of Sateda to survive. More than 200 of the planets members survived and moved out to other planets. While on a planet occupied by Teyla he learns that Kell,his task master is among the survivors. Ronon playing like friends shot him on sight telling Teyla that he was a traitor. Later the Wraith who turned Ronon into a runner captured him again. The wraith implanted a new tracking device. The Wraith was soon killed while hunting Ronon by one of his own traps. While at least twenty five more Wraith come after Sheppard orders him to return to a Puddle Jumper. Ronon refuses wanting revenge on the Wraith. The Wraith general comes to the planet in a one on one battle with Ronon. He is almost defeated until Dr. Beckett interrupts with a drone weapon. Ronon kills the Wraith and returns with the rest of the team.


The energy gun has three settings the lowest is a stun while the highest can incinerate anyone. It is capable of blowing a hole 10inches in diameter It has the look of a long barreled revolver. It has a glowing red back which means stun. White means kill.

It has a replaceable power cylinders which can be replaced or reinserted.

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