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found this on my wanderings... thought people here might be intrigued...

"Tales of the Green Lantern Corp Presents: Ion" on sale now

On sale today, the solicitation for DC Comics' "Tales of the Green

Lantern Corps Presents: Ion" tells you all that you need to know:

"This book sets the stage for Kyle Rayner for years to come."

So who better to be setting that stage than Kyle Raynor's creator,

writer Ron Marz?

Raynor first appeared in 1994's "Green Lantern," Vol. 3, #48, as part

of the controversial "Emerald Twilight" storyline. In essence, Kyle

arrived to replace Hal Jordan, who became the supervillain Parallax,

as Earth's most prominent Green Lantern.

As "The Sinestro Corps War" storyline comes to an this week with the

release of "Green Lantern" #25 by Geoff Johns, "Green Lantern Corps"

writer Ron Marz told CBR News he was pleased to be one guiding Kyle at

this crucial time in Green Lantern lore.

"It's always fun for me to write Kyle," Marz said. "I'm a little like

Michael Corleone, I guess. Every time I think I'm out, they pull me

back in. That said, I'm really just a carpetbagger here. 'Green

Lantern,' and especially the 'Sinestro Corps' storyline, is definitely

Geoff Johns' baby. I'm just babysitting for a couple of chapters."

Marz wrote "Green Lantern" from 1994 to 2000, and penned a 12-issue

"Ion: Guardian of the Universe" miniseries in 2007.

Never wanting to spoil his own tale, Marz offered, "I think the best

way to experience any story is to go into it without knowing what's

coming. That's really how the writer and artist intend for you to come

into the story. So, I can say 'Tales of the Sinestro Corps Presents:

Ion' wraps up a couple of loose ends from the 'Sinestro Corps War,'

and really sets the stage for where Kyle is headed, and where Ion is

headed. But beyond that, hopefully people will read it for themselves."

Marz also confirmed the second GL on the book's solicited cover is the

symbiotic Ion's current host. "Well, that first cover was just an

image for solicitation. There's a new cover by Ed Benes, though it

does feature the same characters. I think most people have figured out

the second figure on the cover is Sodam Yat."

Marz has thoroughly enjoyed the "Sinestro Corps War" storyline as both

a creator and a fan, and wrote one of its earlier chapters, "Tales of

the Sinestro Corps Presents: Parallax." "I've been involved since

everything got started, seeing the scripts and the black-and-white

copies before the books hit the stands," explained Marz. "I think the

best thing about the 'Sinestro Corps War' is that it's an epic that

actually feels like an epic. Geoff set out to do a pretty far-reaching

story, and the readership has obviously responded. I'll admit I'm not

the biggest fan of crossover storylines as a reader or a writer, so

it's nice to see one that really pays off."

Marz says he is comfortable handing his creation over to another

writer, and as a veteran in the game, he always knew that day would

come. "Kyle's going to be one of the main characters in the 'Green

Lantern Corps' book that Peter Tomasi is very ably writing," confirmed

Marz. "Kyle's future is determined by the creative team on the book

and the editorial team overseeing them. Creating a character doesn't

give you any special input into what ultimately happens to that

character. That's just the nature of the beast with any company-owned

character, and you know that going in."

And while he is not shepherding Kyle along post-"Sinestro Corps War,"

he does have a few thoughts on his future. "I hope it's something

interesting, anything interesting. I think a lot of fans get so

attached to a character that they never want anything bad to happen to

that character, they never want any adversity for the character," said

Marz. "But that's really antithetical to telling interesting stories.

You need to put characters through the wringer, put them through

hardships so they find a way to triumph over them. I'm looking forward

to what Peter does in 'Green Lantern Corps,' especially Kyle's

interaction with Guy Gardner. That's a fun relationship to write."

Asked to weigh in on the Greatest Green Lantern of All-Time Debate,

Marz stayed close to home when choosing between Kyle, Hal Jordan, John

Stewart, Guy Gardner and Alan Scott. "Obviously Kyle is going to be my

favorite, because I helped put him together. I'm very comfortable with

him as a character. But it's all just personal opinion. That's all any

of it is. The endless Hal versus Kyle debates just make me roll my

eyes," said Marz. "It's like saying vanilla is better than chocolate,

or strawberry, or chocolate chip cookie dough. No, it's not. It just

happens to be what you like. If the next guy likes something

different, it doesn't mean you're right and he's wrong, it just means

you have different tastes, and that's fine.

"I like all of the Green Lanterns, and all for different reasons,

because they're very different characters. They allow you to tell

different kinds of stories. If you took each of the five characters

and placed them in the same scenario, the resulting stories would be

very different because they're diverse characters."

Any while Marz doesn't know of any plans for an Ion and/or Kyle

ongoing, he wouldn't dismiss the notion of ever returning to the

character. Remarked Marz, "It looks like 'Green Lantern Corps' will be

Kyle's home for a while, which seems like a good fit; Kyle and Guy in

'Corps,' Hal and John in the 'GL' book. I've got more than enough to

keep my busy for the foreseeable future, but who knows what might

happen down the road. Like I said, its' always fun for me to write Kyle."

What's keeping Marz busy, predominantly, happens to be a little book

by Top Cow Productions called, "Witchblade." "I'm continuing on

'Witchblade' for the long term," he said. "Stjepan Sejic, the artist

on 'First Born,' will join me on the book early next year with issue

which would be in 2010.

"I've also got some other projects in the mix at Top Cow, including a

painted Magdalena series. My creator-owned books at Dark Horse,

'Samurai: Heaven and Earth' and 'Pantheon City,' will both have

miniseries in 2008. I'm also writing a series of backups in DC's

Tangent project for next year, as well as continuing to edit Virgin's

Shakti line.

"And, because everybody says it," laughed Marz, "a few things I can't

talk about yet."


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I liked his run on Green Lantern. Most probably because Kyle is my favourite Green Lantern.

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