amp___seeker_of_lost_knowledge's Romeo x Juliet #1 - Vol.1 review

Big Book, Shorter Scenes

 Back in 2007 I found out about the anime version of William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. When I saw the English version a year ago, I was drawn to this new, fantasy filled version that captured almost everything right with the exception of changing and adding new characters. When I bought the manga version I thought I was going to experience all 24 episodes in one book...however being only just one book and one volume some lengths from the show were taken out. Like all manga there are some humor...which seems to be a bit appealing if you are a manga die-hard. Another disappointing feature about this book was that the text was modernized and NOT Shakespearean text. I guess the writers wanted to keep this book as modern as the rest of the mangas that you often find in bookstores. If you had to choose between reading this or watching the anime, I'd go for the anime because it's more dramatic and nothing is shorten to wrap up a story...

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