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Rol is an Amaran engineer, an alien space-faring race of purple humanoid rabbits. He and his mate Jan were stranded on Earth when their city-ship crashed and they were unable to escape. They slept in hibernation pods until they awoke in the late 20th century. Later they helped both the Kryn and Atlantians stranded on Earth to reconstruct their lost history and technology.

Rol and Jan aided Stryyp'Gia in his defense of the Kryn homeworld of Aebra against the returning Dynasty of the Stars by repairing El Dorado's hyperspace engine to allow him to come to the rescue, provided information about the Dynasty, and helped train Stripe on how to use the Kyrn royal artifacts.

Later on the 2 Amarans started a family, hatching a total of 100 young (50 males and 50 females). They eventually moved to an Amaran colony planet for help in raising their kids.

Most recently, Rol and Jan and their entire family were taken over by Patriarch Rio of the Dynasty through Symbiot implants common to all Amaran technology. The Diggers family and friends were able to capture Rio and free the Amaran family.

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