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Rok-Korr was a monster created by Lord Maur-Kon, the leader of the Followers of Darkness. Rok-Korr was unleashed on Tokyo and came into conflict with Raydeen of the Shogun Warriors. Dr. Tambura recruited three individuals named Ilongo Savage, Genji Odashu and Richard Carson into the Followers of the Light and they would pilot the three Shogun Warriors. Raydeen believed he had stopped Rok-Korr when he beheaded the monster with his breaker blade but Rok-Korr reformed himself. Lord Maur-Kon employed some magic to multiply Rok-Korr into three elemental forms: earth, water and fire. The three elemental versions of Rok-Korr battled Raydeen, Combatra and Dangard Ace. Rok-Korr created a storm cloud in water form and attacked with a barrage of lightning strikes. All three Shogun Warriors struck the cloud at once and it burst into a massive rainfall that destroyed the fire elemental. Rok-Korr in earth form, had absorbed himself into a mountain and attacked all three warriors with an avalanche. All three Shogun Warriors formed a power triangle and shattered the entire mountain to dust.


Rok-Korr was created by Doug Moench and Herb Trimpe in 1979 and first appeared in Shogun Warriors # 1.

Powers & Abilities

Rok-Korr is a giant monster equipped with some armor and various weaponry. Rok-Korr's initial armored gave him tentacle arms that were equipped with a blaster and claw. He also shot spike missiles from his chest and his feet were two spiked rollers that he could eject for ranged attacks. Rok-Korr was also composed of magma without his armor and could reform himself from traumatic injuries. Rok-Korr also could spit out a flurry of boulders from his mouth. Rok-Korr could also duplicate himself in three elemental forms- earth, fire and water. In water form, Rok-Korr could turn himself into a flash flood or giant water spout and reform into humanoid form at any time. As a water elemental, Rok-Korr could also form storm clouds and attack with a barrage of lightning strikes. In fire form, Rok-Korr could emit fire blasts from his hands or turn himself into a giant fireball and hurl himself into an enemy. In earth form, Rok-Korr could absorb more land around him to increase his mass and size. Rok-Korr was granted superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury.

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