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Being of captain class shinigami, and also being a vizard, Rose is a naturally gifted combatant, and has been shown to be highly skilled, despite his dramatic attitude. Rose is an amazing swordsman, as fist shown during his fight with Kensei who had undergone hollowfication. Despite his opponents increase in strength, and the fact he was fighting a friend, Rose was able to hold his own, even without releasing his zanpakuto. This swordsmanship is further shown during his battle with Starrk, able to wield a complicated shikai with grace and precision, which is a lot like Renji's
On top of this Rose, is masterful in the art of flash steps, a high speed movement, which is fast enough to keep up with his fellow vizards. As a captain it is also likely he has skills in kido. Finally Rose is in possession of a great deal of spiritual energy, this should be obvious as he is a captain.
Hollow Mask
Rose's mask is unique in the fact that unlike the other vizard who have flat masks his sprouts outward in a way that resembles a beak.While wearing the mask Rose's hollow powers supplement his shinigami powers.
In its sealed form, Kinshara takes on the appearance of a regular katana, save for the hilt taking on the appearance of a diamond, as is the sheath decorated in diamonds. The handle of the blade is a bright orange. 
In its shikai form, its command is play. Once the command has been issued, Kinshara keeps its hilt, but the blade itself transforms into a whip with a flower on the end. It is similar to Renji's. Rose has shown great ability with his shikai, able to take out Starrk's wolves, though it did not destroy them completely. So far Kinshara has shown one special ability called Kinshara Soukyoku Dai Juuichiban - Izayoi Bara, implying that there is 10 more attacks that proceed it, as the name translates to Golden Sal Tree Sonata Number Eleven - Sixteen Night Rose Extravaganza. In this attack rose will, attack his  enemies with the flower, and then mimic playing a piano along the blade. The enemy will then be engulfed in what looks like a vortex of spirit energy or an explosion. 

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