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rOid is the advanced steroids that Dr. VonScrunting developed in the Section 67B: Super soldier project during the war.

rOid offers two different routes for enhancements: Speed or Strength. due to the increases in physical size, the agility increase will me minimized with significant Strength increases.

Pre-Screening is required before usage of rOid because it is commonly known to cause brain damage or death with even one cycle if taken by those with in improper DNA strains or other incompatibilities.

Drop Dead Mike has taken the highest known level of the Speed increasing rOid

Michael Iron is the first to successfully receive rOid 4.0 of the Strength increase, though Frigg and Fragg have taken rOid 5.0, but left severely brain damaged.

"Hero Worship" of Syndicate members such as Iron has lead to a significant increase in lower lever rOid use by tyoung men in the City

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