Wasn't Rogue sidelined?

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Not that I am complaining at all but wasn't Rogue take off active duty after Second Coming?  What does that entail exactly because between chasing "lights" plus all thats been happening over in X-men Legacy...she's not seeming too benched right now...

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She's not allowed on a team to fight or go on missions, The chasing light thing was for Hope's benefit.

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Yeah she's kinda a non-combatant. Then again so are most of the kids and they still get into plenty of action.
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More like active mission duty. So no crashing Lobe's parties to tussle with Bouncing Betty unfortunately.  
Oh man, imagine if Rogue absorbed Bouncing Betty, Verre, Burst and the Wolveriny guy? Sweet! Superfast, invisible, bouncy brick attacks!

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@SC: Then Rogue would have to change her codename to "EPIC-WIN"!!!!

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@infonation said:

@SC: Then Rogue would have to change her codename to "EPIC-WIN"!!!!

lol, that, and she would have super long pigtails, and a cowboy hat. 

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