Rogue's Loyalty?

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I just read a sneek peak a while ago where Cyclops was assigning Kitty to keep an eye on Hope for him. She asked him why not Rogue, he replied that Rogue maybe too dedicated to Hope (or something like that) . I think Rogue has too strong a personality to blindly follow, but with how Cyclops took her off active duty he seems to have no trust in her. Destiny said that Hope and Rogue were connected and I was liking the whole mentor/sister role she was playing, but with the recent attitude Hope has been exhibiting as spoiled brat I am not sure. Any input?

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Cyclops doesn't trust Rogue to follow orders to the letter.  Rogue tends to improvise & do what she feels is the right thing to do at the time.  

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Rogue tends to be powered more by emotions and gut instinct than by tactical planning. That sometimes leads her to go against orders. That being said, she always does what she feels is best in the situation. It's not her loyalty that's suspect, just her judgment at times.

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scotts an @$$, i think he's a whiny bratt thats mad at the fact that not every mutant thinks he's the geniouse he thinks he is!
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Ok loyalty shouldn't have been questioned. Just the way the conversation went didn't like the way it came across to me. Even Kitty said she would not spy for him, even though he corrected her, but still the whole thing rubbed me wrong.

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Cyclops is just thinking tactically. He has a good heart overall but also likes to be in control. (that comes with its own pros and cons and each of those can be played around with by a writer) So Cyclops can appreciate and like that Hope has friends, and especially a big sister of sorts in Rogue, as far as disputes and disagreements go? Oh we,, its sort of like how you want your mother and girlfriend to get along ideally? You don't want them to get along so well that they gang up on you in discussions. So Cyclops will try and position those two away from each other now and then and bring in his dad to introduce a new angle to dilute the situation. In this scenario Kitty Pryde is the dad. My analogies make things so simple... 

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Her name is Rogue, nuff said.

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