Rogues civilian cloths

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why dose Rogue were skimpy cloths in the comic book sometimes.
#2 Posted by Comiclove5 (1304 posts) - - Show Bio
Preverted Artist!?! Mabye.
#3 Posted by xerox_kitty (17338 posts) - - Show Bio
@LoganRogue24 said:
"why dose Rogue were skimpy cloths in the comic book sometimes. "

That always makes me laugh.  The artists would rather draw her in revealing outfits with her flesh on show, which has been inviting trouble!  For decades she's angsted about how she couldn't countrol her power and hated having all those personalities in her head... but on her days off she'd be strutting around in tiny denim shorts and a boob-tube...  Yeah, that really fit in with her character :p 

#4 Posted by -Eclipse- (7650 posts) - - Show Bio

This is why I preferred her look in X-Men Evolution... 

It just makes sense, lol
#5 Posted by xerox_kitty (17338 posts) - - Show Bio
@-Eclipse-: To be honest, I never understood why she had sheer sleeves.  I mean, that material is so thin that she may not as well have that green shirt on. 
Rogue has worn civiliam clothes that cover her up completely, but her fashion sense was dreadful depending on the creativity of the artist. 

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i think this is because most comic book artist are notoriously bad at drawing any character in civilian clothes. Although one could argue that covering up so much and so often makers her like, want to binge on skimpy Daisy Duke style clothing, because, at least when she is around the mansion, people are smart enough to not get extremely close to her when she isnt wearing that much.
Either way, her outfits, like many other characters civilian clothes, are awful, and I still blame it on the artists.

#7 Posted by xerox_kitty (17338 posts) - - Show Bio
@Lifeguard85: I agree.  It's one reason why the Runaways stand out, because they have an individual sense of style for each character.  Unlike typical spandex heroes who run around wearing the same outfit all the time ;p
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Well. Every superhero team needs all the basics. The leader, the strong one, the youth appealing demographic, and the hot one. 
Rogue is the hot one. But since it's x-men you have to throw a little irony in there, and so bam. They did the same thing with beast. 
Oh x-men and your irony.
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Rogue is a strong, powerful and brave woman, to me she looks good no matter what she's wearing.

#10 Posted by LoganRogue24 (1314 posts) - - Show Bio

i agree Rogue is a strong brave sexy woman i love that charater damn i wish she was a real woman so i could marry her lol.
#11 Posted by info nation (867 posts) - - Show Bio
@LoganRogue24: But if you married Rogue and you had mutant powers too, what would your kids be like?

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