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how old is Rogue i think shes in her late teens like 18 19 to early to late 20s like 21 or 29 or something. how old is she really supose to be dose anyone know.

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My guess is Rogue would be late 20's maybe 30 same as Kurt and Piotr. Beast, Cyclops, Jean, Warren I'd say are around 35.

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She's always been a little older than Kitty by a couple of years.  So if Kitty is old enough to have graduated from College, and yet old enough to teach then presumably she is mid-twenties.  Therefore Rogue would be mid-to-late twenties.  Younger than the original X-Men, old enough to be experienced in combat and flirt with the guys.

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in x men legacy xavier says that rogue have ten years with her mutation so she is mutant since 13 years old more and less  
so she is 23 years old
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Late to mid-20s ,in my Opinion.
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in xmen legacy, the progesor said that the power of rogue was stagnant, and now after a decade of being in this situation finally began to grow.

get her power when she was 13 or 14 years, so I would say it is between 22 to 24 years over that age is not

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Rogue, when first introduced, was in her late twenties. Soon after she gained enough popularity, they made her look hotter, but she was still 27ish back in the seventies. Now, she's somewhere in her early to mid-thirties. There's no way way in hell Rogue's in her early twenties. 
Note: Rogue's age varies, partly because they either forget what they started off with, or they go back and ret-con it. I, personally, I think they made a mistake in Legacy when Xavier claimed Rogue had her powers for ten years. It's definitely more than ten years, because that was not a thirteen year old girl working for the Brotherhood back then. Nu uh. So I give her maybe thirty-two to thirty-five.
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@Vindellavon: Can't we Can't we all just assume she ages well?
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@info nation: Definitely. Problem is, she's one of those characters we can never pinpoint age on because of mistakes made by writers.
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@Vindellavon: I was afraid of that, but hope is not lost, she can always be "de-aged" at some point, a hero of her level deserves SOME type of reward!
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20 or 24, 
no more than that

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@info nation said:
" @Vindellavon: I was afraid of that, but hope is not lost, she can always be "de-aged" at some point, a hero of her level deserves SOME type of reward! "
I second this.  
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@MissAcid: Thank you!
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@babywix said: 

" As I was reading through the Rogue forums, something kept bothering me. The way people kept dismissing the latest writer's view on Rogue's age. He had hinted that Rogue was about twenty-three, give or take, due to Professor Xavier saying something about Rogue having, since the age of thirteen, been honing her skills in her powers since the age of thirteen for ten years. So, yes, I guess that makes twenty-three, unless I read something wrong, or I was slightly off with my numbers. Back to the point, people kept saying that this couldn't be possible since they fancy her to be in her late twenties or early thirties, but with this Blog, I think I might be able to convince some people to go with the writer's point of view on her age. 
People say that it couldn't possibly have been a thirteen-year-old fighting Miss Marvel. I don't think it was a thirteen-year-old fighting Miss Marvel and beating Captain America either. I'd think that she was a fifteen-year-old, because that would match the way the artist had drawn her figure. The writer had never said that Rogue was thirteen when she was fighting the Avengers, only that she had trained for ten years since she was thirteen. For all we know, that ten years could've included a couple of years where Mystique was training her to be her protege, so that would make her fifteen, the right age for my estimate (Avengers Annual #10).
Also, she had to be a teenager because she lived in a normal household with Mystique and Destiny with her own room and everything, just like a normal teenager does (Uncanny X-Men #170). 
And, why does the way her face and her hair was drawn look matronly in her first appearance in print? My argument was that she was a completely new character, and the writers didn't have a definite direction that they had wanted to take her in, so they had drawn her in a neutral way that you wouldn't be able to pinpoint an exact age, whether it be in her teens, or her thirties. They wanted her look to be versatile so then, in whatever direction they decided that they wanted to take Rogue in, they could take her there.. Hence, when she joined the X-Men, she was described as one of the youngest members on the team.  

Uncanny X-Men 170 Page 12 Panels 7-10
Avengers Annual 10 Page 7

Uncanny X-Men 170 Page 13
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@xerox-kitty: Oh, thanks for posting it for me! :D
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 There is something called retcon... and if it then was proposed was the youngest of the group after Kytty Pryde. And the power was manifested about 10 years.

So it is a fact, like it or not Rogue is 23 to 24 years.


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I agree with her being fifteen when she joined the x-men, because her figure was distinctively drawn as a woman or teen. She wasn't boldly drawn as a fully grown women (from what i seen) till the 90s x-men run (one of my favorites btw =])
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Ah'm really sorry about this bad necro post, but Ah feel like Ah have useful information to share about this subject and Ah didn't want to start a new thread for the same topic (especially when this thread is so short).
Anyway, Rogue joins the X-men in Uncanny X-Men #171 in 1983, which is about 2 years real time after she was introduced in Avengers Annual #10 in 1981.
Kitty is between 13 and a half to 14 and a half at this time, since she was introduced in Uncanny X-Men #129 in 1980 at age 13. Here's a scan from issue #129 to confirm:

In Uncanny X-Men #182 in 1984 Rogue confirms her age to be 18 years old, so she must have been about 18 years old when she joined the X-men and maybe a little younger when she was first introduced. Here's the scan to confirm:
Both of these age references are made by Chris Claremont, the creator of both of these characters, so I think we should take his word for it. So that means Rogue is anywhere from 4 to 5 years older than Kitty. So if Kitty is currently between 18 to 22 years old, then Rogue is currently between 22 to 27 years old... at least according to Chris Claremont.
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Rogue is my fav x-woman ever she has so many layers to her charater she is very well written.
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I would put Rogue Roughly around 25 since she, Rachel, and Kitty were about the same age.  Putting her around 27 makes her seem a little around Emma and Storm's age and Storm seemed about 25 when Rogue first joined.
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Shes older than Kitty, I'd say Kitty is 21-23, so she's 25-27, around Piotr's age. Seems right to me.

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@ReVamp said:

                    Shes older than Kitty, I'd say Kitty is 21-23, so she's 25-27, around Piotr's age. Seems right to me.



Thank You
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@KDarkholme said:
@ReVamp said:

                    Shes older than Kitty, I'd say Kitty is 21-23, so she's 25-27, around Piotr's age. Seems right to me.


Thank You
More than Welcome.
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I have always thought of Rogue as being in her mid 20's between 23-26. Someone old enough to give significant responsibility too.

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Maybe Rogue should steal the powers of an immortal!

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According to Mike Carey, Rogue is about 25-ish.

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@yin666 said:

Kitty is between 13 and a half to 14 and a half at this time, since she was introduced in Uncanny X-Men #129 in 1980 at age 13. Here's a scan from issue #129 to confirm:

I think ideally if we could, there should be a wiki solely for cataloguing specific age references for characters just to establish what age every character was in the timeline. These issues seem to come up a lot, especially for minors.

I was reading recently

It has the following points:

*She had a birthday in space (14th) during the 160s of UXM

*she had a birthday in England (15th) in issue #26 of Excalibur.

*Kitty made a reference to being old enough to drink in Excalibur #91, which most people read to say that she was 16 to 18, based on Scottish law.

*In UXM #379, however, Kitty remarked to Colossus that she was "barely sixteen."

I'm unable to currently check these issues, I'm wondering if anyone with access to reading them might be able to confirm and post similar short scans like yin has for her being 13?

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