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For the full interview click here: Remender Creates a New Marvel Universe in "Uncanny Avengers"

CBR News: Rick, you've been promising that the Unity Squad's inability to work together would lead to some dire consequences, and in "Uncanny Avengers" #14 you and artist Steve McNiven delivered on that promise with the deaths of three of your cast members: Rogue, Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man. In the wake of these deaths some readers may be looking to point fingers and some of them may be pointing them at Rogue since she wasn't able to set aside the animosity she felt toward the Scarlet Witch, but is that fair? Is she most responsible for what when down in issue #14? Or do other team members have some culpability as well?

Rick Remender: I'm writing from continuity here, so it's mandatory that you look at the chain of events that led to this. Rogue had tried to forgive Wanda as had most of the mutants after "Avengers: The Children's Crusade" and into "Avengers Vs. X-Men." Everybody was trying to forgive her, but until then they hated her! She was the one who came around and erased the majority of their ranks.

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Hatred is born of fear more often than not; so you've got these mutants who are so hateful and fearful of the Scarlet Witch, but many of them try to do the heroic and right thing and forgive her as she tries to redeem herself. She's still a ticking time bomb though. She's still this being where if you give her enough power she can warp reality.

Then in "AvX" the mutants lose Professor X. I wanted to show the repercussions of that in one particular person and that was Rogue. Like many of us do when we're experiencing guilt or mourning she reverted back to who she was, which was an angry person. So for me, as I analyzed that, it made sense for Rogue to be the one because of her past, whereas Logan is trying the road of the samurai. He's trying to make good because of the responsibility on his shoulders. That was why I always said Rogue kind of becomes the Wolverine.

She's the one who's fighting those demons and she's reeling and really damaged from the loss of Charles. Now you've got a situation where she thinks Scarlet Witch is about to do something again. She pulls Wolverine off a wall where he's been tortured by his son and he tells her, "Go stop her. She's up to something again." So at that point Rogue has had enough and she decides she's going to do what all the mutants wanted to do for years and years after M-Day and that's put an end to the Scarlet Witch. She's not going to let her do it again. She sees her as a weapon of mass destruction.

So she sees what she's doing as not only necessary, but as a way of stopping Wanda from messing around with the lives of innocent mutants yet again. When you look at it from that perspective it makes sense to me. Now of course what she doesn't know is Wanda is planning an old switcheroo on the twins, and that lead to the "Three's Company"-like antics of issue #14 [Laughs]

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[Laughs] It does sound like Wolverine should bear some blame then, too.

Yeah, obviously Wolverine's example had something to do with Rogue's actions. He's one of her role models. He's trying to change his ways, but that's a recent development. The responsibility Logan has taken on and the way he's adapted to stuff has just been in the last couple of years, which in terms of the Marvel Universe is only months. This is something where Rogue is at fault and has to take responsibility, but given what the Scarlet Witch is capable of and what she had done to mutants in the past it made a good deal of sense I think.

And yeah, I do think that Wolverine is partially to blame here because she reverts to a lot of what she saw in Wolverine back when she was new to the X-Men and he was still the guy who would go out and do the murder.

Wonder Man sacrificed himself for his love, the Scarlet Witch, but did he sacrifice himself so Wanda could live? Or so she could complete her summoning spell?

It was so she could complete the spell. They had gone through all this trouble and reached this point. They saw how powerful the Apocalypse Twins are and what they're capable of and Wanda wanted this. She wanted to use her last chance at redemption to prevent the mutants from being scooped up against their wishes.

She wasn't going to be their savior, but she was going to draw them together as an army to deal with the Apocalypse Twins. That would allow them to choose their own fates as opposed to having segregation forced on them by these twins. So this was a chance at redemption for Wanda and I think that Simon, who loves her very much, saw that.

One of the things we've seen in this series is that, as time has progressed, Wanda has realized that Simon is the human version of the Vision. He's the Vision with the human frailties and failings. I didn't want to put too fine of a point on that. I just wanted to build into it. So she realizes she does love Simon, but she's afraid. Their love is then rekindled and as tragedy befalls them Simon sacrifices himself in order to give her a shot at redemption.


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