Off My Mind: Retconning Rogue's Sex Life

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Now I admit I don't know anything about Sentry so if anyone can correct me that would be great. But the only time I can think that on Rogue's part would be she and Sentry meet up when she was leaving the Savage Land and on her way to Muir Island. She was upset that she didn't know what happened to the X-Men, and mad at Magneto. Sentry comes along and they find out that he can touch her so they do the nasty. They both realise that they don't make a good match and move on. Sorry but that's the best that I can think of. 
As for why it was mentioned the best I can come up with is a Sentry/Rogue one shot, kind of like when they made the Storm/ Black Panther comic. Not sure I would want to get the book, but that's the best I can do.

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Why would they thing that something like this was a good thing down at marvel?
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Sentry was the ultimate retcon though, wasn't he? His whole schtick is that nobody remembers him from the Golden Age, so I'd say anything involving him is subject to retcon...even romps in the sack with the untouchable Rogue.

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Didn't he and Ms.Marvel have a fling? Maybe some how Rogue kept that memory from when she touched Carol, and since her mind was suposadly whipped clean. She just thinks that those are hers.

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I'm just going to chose to believe that Rogue and Sentry only hugged.
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@davidkenneth said:
"I'm just going to chose to believe that Rogue and Sentry only hugged. "

me too.
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Late but i can see why people are upset since it did came outta nowhere. Still the only issue i have with it is the time line how did it happen. I don't mind rogue and sentry, but it would have been better if it was jean grey for me.

They should make them interact now and really make it official since its too late to take it back.

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It's just sex, why would it change her 'tortured and lonely past'?

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