Green or Brown Eyes

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I've seen her depicted at times as having green eyes and at other times as having brown ones. Which is correct?

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@SC: That's what I thought. Thank you ^_^
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@The Dark Huntress said:
" @SC: That's what I thought. Thank you ^_^ "
You won't find too many examples of brown eyes in comics (relatively), I mean, oddly enough, especially with older characters too. Supposedly the coloring process didn't allow for such subtlety, so brown eyes ended up looking like black eyes, and if all the X-Girls had black eyes.... well Xavier would look like a pretty disgusting human being. 0_0 
I am trying to think why and how Rogue may have been depicted with brown eyes... probably artists referencing a model with brown eyes, and forgetting to check.. then the more instances and art of her woth brown eyes, the more other artists would copy and make the same mistakes.  (strangely even though I am a big Rogue fan, I would be okay if she had brown eyes....)
You know? X-23 gets this too, she gets depicted with blue eyes now and then, its like, holy hell, its like her thing having green eyes lol
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Gotta say green.
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In the case of most mutants, it's whatever colour the colorist uses that reflects their mutant heterochromia ;)

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don't know that either is correct but i find Brown eyes more attractive.

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i thought Rogue started haveing brown eyes cause of the x-men films cause Anna Paquin has brown eyes. i might be wrong but i assume thats the reason.
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If she is colored with brown eyes, than the colorist made a mistake. She only had brown eyes for a little bit from the latter part of 1999 to 2000 I believe. She's had green eyes at pretty much all other times and her official eye color is green according to Marvel.
@LoganRogue24 said:

" i thought Rogue started haveing brown eyes cause of the x-men films cause Anna Paquin has brown eyes. i might be wrong but i assume thats the reason. "

Some colorists might have colored her eyes brown after Anna Paquin portrayed her, but if you've been reading the most recent stuff that she's been in, you would see that her eyes are almost always green (a small number of colorists still miscolor her eyes...)
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Green eyes, but they have been known to change to blue when Carol Danvers would take over, back before they were seperated.

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@Iron Apollo said:

This is what I thought at the title. I have green eyes, but technically that doesn't stand. I actually have hazel which in my case they will either be really green and varied shades from emerald to olive, but when they become dark and moist they appear brown. I'm an amalgam of my parents genes, blue eyes+brown eyes = hazel/green eyes, blonde hair+dark brown hair = farkin/gold hair, ect so it stands to reason. Though if SC says green I'm inclined to think that's whats on paper and agree to it as SC is somewhat of the resident expert in my eyes (oh, I'm punny!).

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I've even seen her with blue eyes, but green fits her better. So green.

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Green eyes.

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